Curing Persecution Complex (Narrated)…


Date: April 30, 2018

01) Christians Are Being Persecuted & No Evidence Would Change His Mind!

“Joe Messina, Los Angeles based conservative talk show host, joins David to discuss so-called Christian Persecution”

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.


Persecution complex is frequently about lack of awareness, and lack of human empathy.

This is why we can see large majority demographics claiming to be persecuted [often worse than the norm], even when they are sustaining nothing especially out of the norm [compared to other groups using a service, living in society, etc.].

Many will even claim persecution over being expected to abide by social laws…laws which everybody else are expected to abide by.

Many will claim persecution “focused specifically on their own groups”…claiming their is some bias…while acting oblivious to the fact, that groups they don’t like have gotten hit just as hard by the exact same thing…if not harder, and/or for a duration that far exceeds their own.

Most people living in “the first world” who believe themselves persecuted, need to broaden their perspective. Their belief of being persecuted, is a belief distorted by isolationist behavior.

…It’s something they’ve devised in their own heads…because they are not living, thinking and realizing things, in the real world around them.

A few good practices to live by, which can help combat this self distortion…

Listen to People:

Strive to sincerely understand people who are different from you.

Let them speak, and articulate their own world circumstances.


Attempt to visualize yourself in those circumstances.

Explore how those circumstances might affect you, and how you might arrive at the same destination under the same [or similar] circumstances.

Understand that difference in outlook and experience, does not automatically mean difference in objectives.

Identify Common Ground:

Realize that not everybody else is “out to get you”…and that your perceived “enemies” may be just as motivated to fight [and outraged over], whatever unfairness you perceive as happening to yourself…Maybe, because they have a history of experiencing the exact same thing.

Realize that even people with vast differences, still normally share a lot of base values on human decency.

The Loudest Are Not Everybody’s Leader:

Keep in mind…the loudest and most obnoxious people, making the biggest social problems in this world, are getting the lions share of attention…because they are the loudest and most obnoxious people, making the biggest social problems in this world

…This does not mean we all accept such people as being leaders…Many of us reject those people, and their claims.

Don’t let the talking heads of this world, hijack the social dialogue…and don’t let them hijack your humanity, along with it.

Ugly truth about the loud and obnoxious…is that they are often making a personal gain of some form, off of exploiting the very same social conflicts that they foster and promote…It is profitable for them, to keep other groups divided and at each others throats.

Extend Good Faith, and Find it in Others:

Humanity is there…The only question is if you are open to looking for it…and recognizing it.

People are a lot more compassionate, giving and forgiving, than you might realize…Don’t slam the door shut on this.

Our Experiences Form Us:

Nobody arrives at a worldview, based on sheer personal desire to hold such a worldview.

…There are countless social forces [tensions, pressures, cravings, relationships, institutions, experiences, etc.] in this world…which push, pull and stretch [sometimes tare] us into all sorts of directions…

…We don’t consciously make decisions about our ultimate outlook [or what we will fight on behalf of in this world], based upon “what will screw over the most other people”…nor “what will make us the most evil”…

…We stand and fight for something, because we recognize that something [no matter how unique or unfashionable] needs to be stood up for, and fought on behalf of.

Learn to Understand Responses:


…Wherever you see people defending “the indefensible”…realize that what is normally happening…is that people are pushing back against a social imbalance so extreme, that all objectivity and rational decency has broken down…

…And they are trying to reestablish, the objectivity and rational decency which is missing.

Don’t ascribe to this behavior, things which are not objectively there.


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