The Destruction of an Independent Press with Mark Crispin Miller…

Date: April 30, 2018

01) The Destruction of an Independent Press with Mark Crispin Miller

“Mark Crispin Miller, Professor of Media Studies at New York University, discusses the destruction of an independent press in the United States.”

4 thoughts on “The Destruction of an Independent Press with Mark Crispin Miller…

  1. feinmann0

    Both interviews really interesting. The comparisons made to propagandist pre-war Nazi Germany by both North and Miller … so chilling, as was the further comparison by Miller to the explicit domination by Chinese authorities of its own people versus the implicit domination undertaken by the US government of US citizens.

    The suppression of truth cannot be maintained for ever. Something has to give!

  2. feinmann0

    Yes, it is disturbing to think that those that govern civilised countries have no qualms about the collateral damage caused by imposing authoritarianism and censorship.

    Talking of censorship, I hear that the UK government, in the style of Saruman to the US Sauron, aims to make it more difficult for kids to watch porn online, and thus, allegedly, to better protect them ( This stems from “a speech made by former prime minister David Cameron made to the NSPCC back in 2013. The NSPCC claims nearly two-thirds of 15-16-year-olds have seen pornography, while Childline claim they’ve delivered more than 2,000 counselling sessions in the past three years about online porn.”

    Of course, it is in the interest of both Childline and the NSPCC to disseminate hysteria and disinformation to swell their coffers, and both have done so recklessly for a decade or more now.

    The more governments suppress the natural curiosity of kids towards matters sexual, the more determined kids will become to find ways around the barriers erected.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Yes…they talk about this sliver of kids in society [how many of them are religiously indoctrinated?], contacting them to tell them how awful their unexpected encounter with porn was…

      …and now, all of a sudden…the principle of laws not being written to appease [“protect”] the fringe minorities, is suddenly flipped on it’s own head…

      …This move serves the goals of special interests.


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