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Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Juror Speaks Out…

Date: May 03, 2018

01) Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Juror Speaks Out

“Harrison Snyder, 22, said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Cosby’s deposition – in which he admitted giving women drugs to have sex with them – was the evidence that made him believe he was guilty.

“I think it was his deposition, really. Mr. Cosby admitted to giving these quaaludes to women, young women, in order to have sex with them,” Snyder said…


Waking Up with Sam Harris #125 – What Is Christianity? (with Bart Ehrman)…

Date: May 03, 2018

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #125 – What Is Christianity? (with Bart Ehrman)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks to Bart Ehrman about his experience of being a born-again Christian, his academic training in New Testament scholarship, his loss of faith, the most convincing argument in defense of Christianity, the status of miracles, the composition of the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus, the nature of heaven and hell, the book of Revelation, the End Times, self-contradictions in the Bible, the concept of a messiah, whether Jesus actually existed, Christianity as a cult of human sacrifice, the conversion of Constantine, and other topics.

Bart D. Ehrman is the author or editor of more than thirty books, including the New York Times bestsellers Misquoting Jesus and How Jesus Became God. Ehrman is a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and a leading authority on the New Testament and the history of early Christianity. He has been featured in Time, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post, and has appeared on NBC, CNN, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC, major NPR shows, and other top print and broadcast media outlets. His most recent book is The Triumph of Christianity.

Twitter: @BartEhrman”

Alex Jones: Me & Kanye West Have The Same Mission…

Date: May 03, 2018

01) Alex Jones: Me & Kanye West Have The Same Mission

I’ve been saying this for many, many years…Alex Jones says anything he thinks will be advantageous to his “business”, in the moment…

…And he silently drops issues, when they become too much trouble for him to keep poking at.

…Again…”FistGate”, people…”FistGate”…Why does Alex say nothing about his revile for homosexuals anymore, when he absolutely would not shut up about it durring the nineties?

He is a conman, who takes false stances which he will never stand by…

…He is a coward, who does not stand [or live] by his purported convictions.

Grabher – Banning License Plates in Canada? TFF episode 79…

Date: May 03, 2018

01) Grabher – Banning License Plates in Canada? TFF episode 79

“Can a feminist professor of Communications make a legitimate case that a license plate contributes to R. Culture?