I’m Your Number One Fan [Controversial documentary about stalkers]…

Date: May 04, 2018

01) Controversial documentary about stalkers – I’m Your Number One Fan

“I’m Your Number One Fan is a controversial documentary from 1996 that has attracted a cult following in the UK. It features Blue Tulip Rose Read who stalks Mike Read (at the time a famous DJ). The documentary is centered around the point of view of the stalker and includes German doctor Klaus Wagner, who believed that Princess Diana was at the heart of a hate campaign by the Queen. It includes an opening sequence shot on Super 8 film that led to UK film critic Victor Lewis Smith stating that it “transcended the documentary format”.

After being broadcast in the UK, The Evening Standard newspaper began selling Mrs Read T-shirts and the writers of the comedy series, The League of Gentlemen, featured quotes from Blue Tulip in Royston Vasey newspaper signs in various episodes of the first series of the show. The writing on these signs include “Ed Stewart’s breath stinks”, “Mike Read’s breath is beautiful” and “Mike Read made me better”.

Director: Jaine Green
Runtime: 50 minutes

Provided with permission from Jaine Green, Director & Producer.”

Paraphrased: Stalkers are relating not to you…but to some disordered fantasy of you”…

If you think that stalkers of MAPs are so different from what you see here…I’ve got news for you…

…This sort of distorted obsession, quickly ramping up to hostile aggression and terroristic threats, is typical for stalkers of MAPs.

…They’re detached from reality…curiously, often obese…[and, no…they’re not the “fat n happy” type]…and desperately trying to scrape anything together in their life, at all, to mentally drag themselves to some state where their life has meaning.

It’s all about them…and the shortcomings in their own lives.

…It’s never actually about the individual MAP(s) they target, threaten and abuse.

Many of them are in desperate need of attention and affection, themselves…but they’re not getting it…and they take this [along with any other psychological baggage they have] out on MAPs.

“A delusion is not an opinion about the world…It’s not a judgement about the world…It’s absolute, incontrovertible, fixed “knowledge” about the world…Someone with a delusion “knows”…Anything you tell them, clearly cannot change it…Because you must be mistaken…They have the absolute and certain knowledge…which is a delusion.”

This is why it feels like repeatedly slamming your head against a brick wall, whenever you attempt to have a coherent discussion with them.

“For most stalkers…the telephone is the most common way of intruding.”

I’ve had a few of these nut cases over my lifetime…and, yes…they like to call on the telephone…quite a lot.

They think this is intimidating.

“I think that, violence is imminent in stalking…because the stalker is inevitably frustrated…the stalker inevitably is brought up against the limitations of reality…And that can produce anger…and anger can lead to threats and violence.”

So true.

2 thoughts on “I’m Your Number One Fan [Controversial documentary about stalkers]…

  1. feinmann0

    “Paraphrased: Stalkers are relating not to you…but to some disordered fantasy of you …”, and, “Many of them are in desperate need of attention and affection, themselves…but they’re not getting it.”

    Playing the devil’s advocate here, perhaps child lovers to some degree of accuracy, might also be accused of harbouring ‘disordered fantasies’ towards a particular object of desire – a child, who, incidentally, is often totally oblivious to the intense focus being applied.

    The following article: sapac.umich.edu/article/320 details six types of stalker: Rejected, Resentful, Predatory, Intimacy Seeker, Incompetent Suitor, Erotomania and Morbidly Infatuated.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Of course…the accusation can be made…I’m sure it does get made, in fact…

      …But at least we have reality on our side…

      …I cant tell you how many times, I’ve been accused of being a “baby rapist”…Which is a textbook example, of the “disordered fantasy of me”.

      It’s impossible to be a rapist of any form, when you are sexually celibate.


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