4 thoughts on “The Stupid, The Proud…

  1. feinmann0

    Mmmm … a beautiful film, one that faithfully reproduces the passion and the heartache of single-sex boarding schoolboy crushes, silhouetted starkly against a bleak, harsh, asexual, loveless regime that is equivalent, in my opinion, to child psychological abuse. So many parallels within the film to my own experiences at boarding school, in particular the emotional roller-coaster ride with my principle prepubescent pretty object of desire, a boy three years younger than myself.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I had a raging crush on a boy I met at camp…the “week long” type…

      That’s about as close as I ever came, to the boarding school, boy crush.

      In so many ways, I’m glad I never went to a boarding school…but, when I hear of the stories of what boys got up too…it makes me pause…

      I did have “J”, as a daily companion…and the great, open outdoors…with it’s woods, fields and nooks…countless hours alone, together…It’s too bad we didn’t know much.

      I’d like to properly watch that movie, sometime…And I love the song, also.

  2. feinmann0

    “…It’s too bad we didn’t know much.” Yes, maybe, but even then it depends on your respective needs and desires at that tender age, I’d suggest.

    The single-sex day school (ages 7 to 11) I attended prior to boarding school, was a great place for secret intimacies, but the nature of the intimacies varied enormously from boy to boy. One boy loved to kiss and cuddle but refused fondling; a second boy loved finger-fucking but refused fondling ’round the front’, several boys enjoyed clandestine mutual fondling under short shorts and knickers beneath paired classroom desks. My ‘crush’ at that school though was the brainiest boy in the class: ‘N’, a willowy boy with grey eyes and brown hair. We sat next to one another in the year when we were 10 and 11 years old. We liked each other a lot, but it was a cerebral intimacy rather than a sexual one. The nearest we got to even a kiss was lying down on a warm and sunny summer day in a school playing field, gazing up at a sky and pretending to be downside-up looking down on the clouds below, our heads and hands touching on the grassy cushion.

    What is clear from my own experiences, is that boys relish intimacy at an early age, and to be denied it, indeed to be punished for it, is fundamentally cruel and against human nature.


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