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Bernie Corners Democrats, Makes Them PROVE They Care About Democracy…

Date: May 12, 2018

01) Bernie Corners Democrats, Makes Them PROVE They Care About Democracy

“Democrats have been especially vocal about their desire to protect democracy lately, but Bernie Sanders’ team is giving them an opportunity to prove they care about free elections by requesting that Democratic Party leaders sign a leader in support of reducing superdelegates.


Psychologists develop theory of who stands up, and who lets it pass…

Date: May 12, 2018

01) Who Speaks Up in the Face of Uncivil Behavior?

“Have you ever been out in public and seen someone do something outrageous? Maybe you witnessed someone yelling a racial slur at a stranger or physically abusing a young child in their care. All of us probably remember a time when someone’s behavior violated our standards of moral decency, but only some of us can say we actively intervened. What separates those from speak up from those who stay silent?

On the one hand, you might hypothesize that people who are more aggressive or hostile by nature are more likely to openly challenge a stranger. On the other hand, speaking out against injustice could be seen in a more positive light, as an act of maturity. Emerging research supports the latter idea—that people who stand up to incivility have a strong sense of altruism, combined with self-confidence. Understanding what motivates these heroic individuals could lead to more effective ways of curbing everyday immoral behavior.

Psychologist Alexandrina Moisuc and her colleagues recently published findings from three studies looking at the personality profile possessed by people who say they would intervene in the face of bad behavior. Although there has been extensive research on how situational factors can impact people’s motivation to intervene (i.e. research on the bystander effect), there have been fewer studies looking at the role of personality.”

Trump Aide: McCain Doesn’t Matter, “He’s Dying Anyway”…

Date: May 12, 2018

01) Trump Aide: McCain Doesn’t Matter, “He’s Dying Anyway”

“A White House aide brushed aside Sen. John McCain’s opposition to President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director by mocking his brain cancer diagnosis, saying, “it doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway,” multiple outlets reported Thursday.

Kelly Sadler, a Trump aide in charge of surrogate communications, made the comment during a closed-door White House meeting in front of about two-dozen staffers Thursday morning, the Hill reported.
The joke fell flat, a White House official told CNN.

The White House didn’t deny Sadler made the comments, but said it respected McCain and his service “to our nation.”

“He and his family are in our prayers during this difficult time,” it said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

On Wednesday, McCain joined a chorus of other senators who are opposing Gina Haspel’s pending nomination to lead the CIA over her involvement in harsh interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, and the destruction of evidence after 9/11.


Global Capitalism: Linking Trump and Marx’s Critique of Capitalism [May 2018]…

Date: May 12, 2018

01) Global Capitalism: Linking Trump and Marx’s Critique of Capitalism [May 2018]

“Global Capitalism: Live Economic Update: Linking Trump and Marx’s Critique of Capitalism

Richard D. Wolff
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 7:30pm
Judson Memorial Church
Assembly Hall
239 Thompson Street (downstairs) at
Washington Square, Manhattan

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church

In connection with Wolff’s discussion of the main topic above, he will also cover the following issues at the May 2018 event:

1. Power and potential of public school teachers’ strikes
2. The 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth and Marxian economics today
3. Comparing the conditions of the US and Chinese working classes today”

One Question RussiaGate Pushers Never Ask…

Date: May 12, 2018

01) One Question RussiaGate Pushers Never Ask w/Jesse Ventura pt. 2

“Jesse Ventura and Jimmy discuss the overlooked issues RussiaGate disciples ignore.”

One thing I cannot let go, without comment.

My long term experience with the conspiracy theory community does not lead me to the conclusion, that most of them are of high intelligence…It does lead me to the conclusion, that a vast many of them are crazy…and naïve…and grossly uncritical, in most cases…

…So many of them just have a bias, they are looking to validate…and a gaping hole in their lives, they are looking to fill with something…

…An ideological “fight to save the world”, will fit the bill for most of these sorts…even if it’s based on pure bunk.

Trump Is SCREWED: Cohen’s Money Web Has Been Revealed…


Date: May 12, 2018

01) Trump Is SCREWED: Cohen’s Money Web Has Been Revealed

Trump Melts Down As Michael Cohen Begins to Unravel:

“President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, contacted the drug giant Novartis after the 2016 election “promising access” to the new administration, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller later requested information from the company about the offer, a senior official inside Novartis told NBC News on Wednesday.

“He [Cohen] contacted us after the new administration was in place,” the official said. “He was promising access to the new administration.”

The disclosure came after an attorney representing the adult-film actress who says she had an affair with Trump released a summary of bank transactions that he says shows payments from various companies to a company controlled by Cohen.


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India Hangs First Pedophile Under Strict New Laws: ‘They’re Demons’…

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Date: May 12, 2018

01) India Hangs First Pedophile Under Strict New Laws: ‘They’re Demons’

“Following mass protests by citizens, India has introduced tough new laws that will see pedophiles executed for their crimes.

The Indian Government has approved the death penalty for anyone who is found guilty of raping children under the age of 12.

The change in legislation followed sweeping protests by millions of citizens who were demanding a harder line to be taken for child sex offenses.

In response, lawmakers have passed a new bill issuing the strongest punishment possible for pedophilia, branding them “demons.”

Of course…I’m never going to defend the literal rape of children [or anyone, of any age]…

…but, seriously?…”pedophiles are demons”?…


Why People React Strongly To Pedophilia (Brongersma)…


Date: May 12, 2018

01) Why People React Strongly To Pedophilia (Brongersma)

“The most difficult thing to face is the hidden aspects of yourself. The evidence suggests that everyone has some pedophilia in them, more or less, consciously or unconsciously. Of course most are not as dedicated to uplifting children as the people who are most strongly attracted to them, those we define as pedophiles. But things aren’t so black and white as that we have pedophiles and then so-called normal people.

Edward Brongersma was a Dutch politician and doctor of law. For a number of years he was a member of the Dutch Senate for the Labour Party, and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Books: Loving Boys: A Multidisciplinary Study of Sexual Relations Between Adult and Minor Males.”

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