MAP Media Creators: Please Don’t Delete Your Content if You Don’t Have Too…


Date: May 15, 2018

This is a bit jumbled…I removed most of it from the previous post in MA-TV…where I was re-posting media, released by Youth Liberation…I’m speaking from a place of growing frustration with this issue…and I’m not certain I should even post this…or throw it away…

Let me take a moment…to once again repeat the importance of MAP media producers not stepping on the feet, of those of us who are sincerely attempting to share their media.

I used to be a MAP who created media…And while true, much of my media was pitiful, when compared to the media put out by other MAPs…I’ve done this well long enough, to develop a very healthy respect and love, for those who continue on the tradition…I know all the B.S. you have to put up with, should you be out there for a long duration…or attract the malice of the idiot hordes…

I can guarantee you…that YouTube will shut down the Youth Liberation channel…The only question, is how long before they pull the rug out from underneath this content creator…

So, so, countless many of our channels, have come and gone…subjected to this fate of vile censorship…

…So called, “community standards”…And to echo the sentiments of a commentator on Tom O’Carroll’s blog…They’re mighty peculiar “community” standards, given that they are concocted and imposed by unnamed people, of YouTube’s own administration…People with the nerve to tell large swaths of us, who are also part of YouTube’s community, and have been for many years [some since YouTube began]…that our mere discussion of social issues which impact our personal lives, somehow “violate” the more insane, of their nebulous [impossible to define…and “meaning” whatever any censorship bigot needs them to “mean”, to “justify” screwing over a channel owner] “community standards”…

The Youth Liberation channel will be shut down by YouTube…because a-holes don’t like us talking about these things…A-holes don’t want their delusions disturbed…A-holes want to maintain other social groups, towards which they can remain a-holes…and still call themselves “good people”, when they clearly are not.

I hope the guy behind Youth Liberation, is in this for the long haul…and prepared to continue opening up new accounts…because this is an endless treadmill.

He hasn’t been hit in a nasty way, yet…but it’s coming…Because clear, fact based discussion on pedophilia, is a banned topic of discussion on YouTube…all the while, the worst hyperbole and demented savagery against “pedophiles”, runs like a chain of rivers…all throughout YouTube…without problem, or complaint…despite that many of them should qualify as violation of “community standards”.

I take this for what it is…and I never blame the channel owner, when YouTube strikes down their channel…

…But, believe me…I am mighty tired, of seeing all the censorship rot occurring in various posting series on this blog…

…I cannot blame the content creator, when the platform they use has done them dirty…

…But it’s a very different situation, when a content creator decides to delete their own content, or delete their own channel…or make their media inaccessible…

…Because, we already have to jump through to many hoops as things stand…without having to dance around the whims of the content creator, who wont leave their own content available.

I don’t like having to repost things…I’ll do it, if I realize YouTube [or wherever] has done dirty to the channel owner…But it is an annoyance well beyond a pet peeve for me, when I realize I’m having to do the work a second time…because the other MAP decided to do something, which “breaks” my previous post…when it seems pretty clear, that they didn’t have too…

I don’t know…Maybe, there is some broader strategy at play here…They delete and re-upload their media, as the complaints rise?…

…I don’t get the idea, behind MAPs who delete their own uploads/media…

…Being a MAP who likes to share such media [as MAP culture]…it absolutely drives me up the wall, to encounter MAPs doing this.

Because of a combination of treacherous YouTube [etc.] censorship, and MAPs axing their own content/channels…a few of my younger, though very active, posting series [M.A. TV, SX-TV]..are in abysmal shape, from all the censorship/deletion rot…

…And looking at what should be the marquee content of this blog…given how much effort and care I’ve put into these series…this is absolutely disgusting to see.

Please…If you are a MAP who I’ve graciously decided to share the media of…do not contribute to this source of bad friction and frustration, by making the rot even worse.

You current generation of MAP media producers…I love you guys to death…You’re pure gold, in my eyes…

…But don’t forget…gold isn’t worth anything, without the gold traders.

Be mindful of what you are doing to the rest of us, who you expect to be your media distribution network.

Just because I’m not making much media myself anymore…and just because I’m a blogger…that doesn’t mean that I, also, do not have my own structured plans going on here…just like so many of the rest of you…

…I don’t mean to be ornery…But it’s a lot of piss n vinegar thrown into my face, when I see my posting series [and posts I made mere weeks ago] getting clobbered like this.

I take a very dim view, on this nuanced type of censorship.

Be kind to this ornery old fart!…

…We are on the same team!

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3 thoughts on “MAP Media Creators: Please Don’t Delete Your Content if You Don’t Have Too…

  1. Memory

    Fortunately I think kind people, as well as other minorities, and even many enemies, are looking toward Web 3.0. The potential is there for some combination(s) of: effective anonymity, near-permanent availability, avoidance of surveillance, avoidance of censorship, identifying versions and revisions, private compensation from audience to poster … free speech.

    Web 3.0 will be for kind people what Web 1.0 was for gay people.

    In the meantime, even with mainstream content, it’s safe to assume that it’s going to disappear (or be subtly modified) tomorrow. Space is cheap. Save it all.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Oh, believe me…I back up MAP content, frequently…So I know, at least for me, it is not lost.

      I should look more into Web 3.0…I haven’t really paid proper attention to most advancements.

      If it is as you represent it…I am looking forward to it, greatly.

      We need a new age, that fully liberates our speech and expression…and where we cannot be ostracized.

      I wonder, though…will it function outside of the historic internet infrastructure…or will it still be vulnerable to prohibition laws, and shut down of said infrastructure?


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