Boys (2016)…


Date: May 15, 2018

01) Boys (2016)

“BOYS is a story about two best friends on the first day of summer. Set in 1999, Brian sleeps over at Jake’s house as they have done countless times before. This night, however, the two encounter new sides of themselves. Overwhelmed by the discovery, Brian decides to walk back home as he is facing a whole new path in his life. It is a story about desire, adolescence, and the realization of being different.”

Well…I never did the grinding thing with another boy…

…But I’ve definitely had a “moment of pause” with a boy…where both of us were noticing the situation, simultaneously…

…Why we never vocalized the moment, or revisited it later…I’ll never know.


…damned homophobia!…

If you’ve never experienced such a delicious moment with a boy…you have my deepest condolences…for you have truly missed out.

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