Jordan Peterson’s Fragility Exposed By Michael Eric Dyson In Heated Debate…

Date: May 21, 2018

01) Jordan Peterson’s Fragility Exposed By Michael Eric Dyson In Heated Debate

“Jordan Peterson and Michael Eric Dyson face off in a heated debate.


Thank you to David, for this break down on what “white privilege” means.

I cannot say, that it in any way differs from my pre-existing understanding of racial discrimination.

He is correct, that “privilege” is a loaded term…and as such, it has to be expected that there will be a lot of push back.

…Maybe, we should be referring to it as racial discrimination?

We already have this established dialogue…and it’s not nearly so divisive, I think.

About “The Bell Curve”:

I’m not sure of the context which brought this up, as I’ve not watched the full debate yet.

…But I wanted to reiterate, given that this issue has been explored here in the past…

…What was examined here, was the question of racially [genetically and evolutionary] based IQ averages, itself…and the conversation was isolated to that question…It did not proceed into dialogue, on what to do about such presumed differences.

On the virtue of fairness…I would condemn targeting any racial group with unequal standards, where it comes to public assistance…which should be based upon who financially needs it, for survival and well being.

We are all born into this system…Not a single one of us asked for it’s complexities of advantages and disadvantages…It is simply imposed…and we are branded and claimed by it, as some type of property…

Since I view our existence in this world in a much more naturalistic manner…I find the current system to be highly abnormal…

We are still animals, after all…And animals have all the same rights, of breathing the air, drinking the water, eating off the land, having shelter and free association…

…I’ve never understood any “right” of a system…to impose itself on the masses of an animal species…while simultaneously stripping that animal species of it’s natural rights…

…Or, to square this up with the video…humans [just like any other species] have a natural right, to produce as much offspring as they can naturally support…A system forcing them out of natural methods of supporting their own offspring, forcing them to rely upon it for the well being of their own offspring, and then forcing limits on how much offspring you can have…alone, does not set well with my world philosophy.

To my mind…if a system destroys a species natural world methods of life and survival…that system has an obligation of restitution, to said species…equal to, or exceeding, what has been lost by said species.

…So…who is to say, that people of “X” intelligence IQ can have a certain number of children before being cut off from assistance…where as people of a different level of IQ intelligence can have a different number of children, and still not be cut off from assistance?

I don’t believe there is any right, to that type of throttling.

And, yes…I realize, this bucks heads with the realities of a social systems limitations…and that having to many children to support, is a hardship on any species…

…But, who is that system, to impose such a thing?

…Am I wrong?

The feel good response…is that we are better off with the system, than without it…But that all depends on what one places highest value in, doesn’t it?

…Not everybody is equally impacted, where it comes to the range of life long sacrifices, they are expected to endure on behalf of the system.

Most humans, perhaps all, are slaves to the system…and they will never know what it means, to genuinely live free.

There is an incalculable human tragedy, in that point of fact…

…I think this is at the crux, of why there is so much hatred, anger and violence in this world.

Few people are allowed to live honest to their own true nature…This breeds resentment…contempt…oppressors…oppressed…the foundations of war.

Munk Debate HD Political Correctness Jordan Peterson, Stephen Fry, Michael Dyson, Michelle Goldberg:

7 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson’s Fragility Exposed By Michael Eric Dyson In Heated Debate…

  1. Colorless

    I didn’t watch the commentary, but I did see the whole debate.

    Jordan and Stephen won the debate, hands down. What was exposed, in shocking fashion, was Dyson’s bold racism, which he doubled-down on when challenged.

    My only complaint with Jordan and Stephen was that the claim that their side only “fears” censorship, rather than experiences it, was allowed to pass by unchallenged. It would have been trivial for either of them to list tens of people who have been censored for their conservative, or indeed merely humorous, statements. Average people, small business owners, low-level employees have the most to lose, and do lose it when they speak their minds.

    1. feinmann0

      Hi Colorless

      I watched the whole debate too. I suspect JP and SF had their hands full dealing with the ad hominem attacks emanating from the ‘huckstering snake oil pulpit talking’ Dyson. It was a bizarre affair with both sides comprising unlikely bedfellows, and SF the only person attempting to debate the topic under debate: political correctness.

      As you say, it would have been easy for SF to detail his own experiences of personal censorship regarding his homosexuality, and, dare I say, ephebosexuality, plus of course JP’s censorship when resisting the force applied to use gender pronouns at university.

  2. feinmann0

    … and on the topic of political correctness and the associated erosion of freedom of speech plus freedom of expression, here is a fine example of the way censorship blights society in the 21st Century:

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      So long as the “cum” placed on the cake isn’t of human biological origins…I don’t see a problem.

      They can put all the “cum” on a cake, that they like.

  3. feinmann0

    Sorry to bombard this thread, but Craig Bragg here:, does the best job at analysing the debate in my view.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      No problems…I just wish I could leave the comments totally open, and visitors could naturally converse with each other.

      With the hostile goons watching this blog…that’s not real wise to do such.


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