Amos Yee VS Count Dankula (Response Video)…


Date: May 22, 2018

01) Amos Yee VS Count Dankula (Response Video)

“Youth rights activist responds to the debate between Amos Yee and Count Dankula on the subject of children’s sexuality and adults who have an attraction to people under the age-of-consent.

I tell you who is right or wrong and bring accuracy to where neither of them were. I also consider how good or bad each one’s debate tactics are.

If you’re wondering, my personal opinion of each individual is that Amos Yee is thoughtful, compassionate and brave. I don’t know as much about Count Dankula but I think he is close-minded on this issue, however, he’s intelligent and has a good sense of humour (when he’s not laughing at suicidal teenagers) – basically, if we lived in a better world I think I’d get on well with him. With these prejudices he has now though, not so much.

Study on Body Pleasure and The Origins of Violence by neuropsychologist James W. Prescott

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Video is for philosophical purposes. I do not condone breaking your country’s law or harming any person.”

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3 thoughts on “Amos Yee VS Count Dankula (Response Video)…

  1. feinmann0

    I have always admired Amos’s courage and forthright debating style on the topic of paedophilia, BUT, he is hardly a Christopher Hitchens when it comes to winning arguments. Christopher was highly effective simply because he was so well read on the subjects he debated. There were many facts Amos could have raised to support his arguments and thus stop Count Duncula (and others he has debated previously) in his tracks, but he failed to do so. Shame.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Very fair assessment.

      Believe me…it’s been a long time coming, actually featuring anything with Amos in it, on this blog…

      …There are valid reasons to be hesitant and skeptical…

      Like I said elsewhere…Amos struck me as sincere, in the aftermath of the Omnipolitics16 suicide…so I started giving a closer look to what he’s doing.

      He mostly trolls…He is a weak vocal debater [one of my own reasons, for not doing live chat debates, myself]…and I’m not sure how much good he’s really doing.

      He’s broaching issues…but his style [ie: swearing at people and calling them expletives], the sorts of people he’s generally getting into these “debates” with…that’s really seriously not what we need.

      You cant read a few studies, and then be ready to charge forward championing this issue.

      I have way more interest in what this young guy behind Youth Liberation is going to do…He has solid potential.

      For the record…there are things about Amos Yee I like…But he’s a fish out of water, in this realm.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        …I should add…yes…there is a fun, comedic element to what Amos does…Which I think, does allow him to get away with more…like the swearing…

        …Maybe, we are witnessing a new angle, in a new era, of getting issues before the public…in a way, that sidesteps some of the insanity…I don’t know.

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