Critical Reasons Why Campaigns to Get People Fired for Their Speech are Dead Wrong…

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Date: May 29, 2018

01) ABC Cancels ‘Roseanne’ After Racist Tweet

“ABC cancels ‘Roseanne’ after racist tweet from star Roseanne Barr.”

I knew on a gut level…it felt like there was some reason, why I didn’t like this guy…

…Keep watching a little bit longer, and we find our reason.

Trying to soft peddle this type of vicious, organized campaign from self appointed speech police as being “how an employer feels about employing [the speaker]”, is disingenuous…it shows absolutely zero scruples…and it is about as disrespectful to the very concept of open dialogue, as one can get.

Even if certain types of a-hole behavior set a person up for the “karma” argument…being an a-hole on the internet in your spare time, should not get you severed from your survival lifeline.

Roseanne is a bad example…because she doesn’t need the money…she’ll be fine…she just got a blow to her ego…

…It’s when this vicious tactic is turned on the “grass roots” community, of every day people who are slaves to the system…that this becomes especially heinous…and wrecks terrible destruction.

Here are a few reasons, why any intelligent, humane person will refuse to have anything to do with this noxious practice:

01) It drives people out of the main population, and into like minded “hive” communities.

If somebody cannot survive in the main population, because their source of income has become unstable…or nonexistent…they will commune amongst like minded people, who will support them…hire them…allow them to survive…

Take a bow…you just ostracized and isolated someone, giving a foundation for even deeper rifts down the road.

02) It affords important speech only to the financially independent.

If everybody has to cower in fear, over the possibility of offending the wrong thought police…you have just inflicted the worst form of censorship imaginable, over the widest range of the common population…It will only be the people who can afford to be without employment, who will openly say the hard things, which are socially unpopular.

Take a bow…you just cut off free speech from the people who need it the most…and handed it over to a minority of privileged people…who likely don’t even need it, a fraction as much.

…Because of you…free speech only belongs to the privileged, and the people who echo mundane pop culture talking points…

03) It inhibits science and research.

These tactics have already been employed, to derail empirical research on taboo issues…and it continues to be employed, to the same end…certainly not to the benefit of society.

There are plenty enough professional researchers, who understand that MAP issues are grossly misrepresented in mainstream culture…but they wont openly speak out, nor professionally touch the subject…because they realize to do such, is career suicide…and the clueless, screaming idiots can bring them down, by sheer force of overwhelming them and the people and institutes they associate with.

It has absolutely nothing to do, with who is in the right…

…It has everything to do with dogma and bigotry, prohibiting understanding of the facts…

…And you imagine we’re supposed to accept the morally outraged, ignorant masses, dominating and controlling who can speak?…and who can seek authoritative understanding?

Take a bow…you just raped and murdered, one of the most pure tools we have, for bringing people together and building a peaceful world.

04) It distorts people’s perception of reality, when only certain people are allowed to speak out.

Too many people are living in a bubble…And for as much lip service as we give this concept…most people seem to be rejecting open dialogue, and getting to know people who are different from them [to discover that they are not so monumentally different from them, after all].

In the absence of an alternative voice…we don’t get to know the reasons why, people genuinely have different stances from our own.

…and it’s easy to demonize the people, who you don’t know, don’t interact with, or don’t respect as fellow human beings.

Not only this…but the isolated reaffirming of stereotypes and stigmas aimed at “the other” people, is a form of psychological conditioning [brainwashing], which can usher people into extreme distortions…the likes of which can lead them into behaving violently…or otherwise destructively, and harmful towards others.

Take a bow…you just gave a boost to culture wars.

A Conclusion:

Trying to force someone into remaining silent, when all they are doing is expressing an opinion, is always wrong and indefensible.

Even if they happen to be acting like an a-hole…it is wrong, disgusting behavior, for anyone to attempt to destroy someone’s ability to survive.

There is no absolving for these terror groups, who work to get slaves to the system fired from their jobs, over having expressed “the wrong thought” [according to their own, subjective bias and bigotry]…

There are certain lines you don’t cross…and this is one of them…

…The people who think this practice is “so wonderful and effective”, are creating a monster…which can come around to destroy anybody at all…Including any of their own…

…Including themselves.

This is not what a healthy society does.

I condemn this practice, in the most clear manner possible…

…It belongs in the same trash heap, as the hysterical stunts which gave rise to the Salem witch trials.

You can be far more effective, and worthy of respect…by genuinely dialoging with people…as opposed to trying to shut down, everybody who’s ever expressed anything you don’t like.


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