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M.A. Voice: Issue 33 – June 01, 2018…


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Date: June 01, 2018

01) Filip30: PDF ‘The origins of the Jimmy Savile scandal’
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1513834.htm

02) Tom O’Carroll: Childhood ‘Innocence’ is Not Ideal: Virtue Ethics and Child–Adult Sex

Direct Publication Link – Direct Link PDF

03) Bernie Najarian: American Truth: The 2018 Psyops Attack on Virtuous Pedophiles

04) [NAMBLA] Eric Tazelaar: Amos Yee Won’t Shut Up!

05) Ender Wiggin: Growing Up A Pedophile – How early is too early to know you’re a pedophile?

06) nikolai.7: Loving Boys, Edward Brongersma, Epub
TOR URL: http://r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onion/messages/1515701.htm

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Other Issues

A 2018 Holocaust “Bill”…


Date: June 01, 2018

01) No Tolerance Act 201 (Amendment to age)

Uploaded by Sharika Soal

“Title of Bill: No Tolerance Act 2018

A bill that makes raping, sodomizing, sex trafficking, prostitution, sexually assaulting or sexually molesting a child under the age of Twelve punishable by death and or life in prison in all 50 states in America and US Territories

BE IT ENACTED BY CONGRESS The House and State Representatives of the United States of America and Donald Trump”

02) Sharika Soal

“I am a Social media manger and Content Curator. I am also currently a media personality for Jack Thriller. I specialize in entertainment, music, fashion, lifestyle brands, public relations and marketing.”

03) Sharika Soal

“Celebrity and entertainment publicist most well known for serving as a social media manager and content curator for HuffPost. She has worked as a publicist for Interscope records artists and MTV and VH1 personalities. She later founded her own PR company called LadySoal PR.”

04) Facebook

Laymen “law bills”, petitions and “acts” are nothing new…Sometimes, it’s hard to gage how serious to take them…

…But, we have seen some very insane things crop up in this arena, over the past few decades…

…And it’s important to note, some U.S. states have had the death penalty on the law books, as a legal possibility for this type of thing…

…So, it’s not without genuine precedence…that alarm should arise from this type of “activism”, brazenly calling for legalized mass murder…alongside other, assorted and extreme, human rights violations.

Are we drowning in a world full of enough insane loonies, to push this sort of thing into law?…

…I honestly don’t know…and I’ve lost my confidence in the integrity of the U.S. population, where it comes to this type of social hysteria.

This is a cruel, small minded, self centered, inhumane society…not worthy of the self congratulatory accolades, it enjoys heaping upon itself…

…This is why it is perfectly believable…that such a thing could eventually become national law.

On principle, I take a firm stance against the death penalty:

No exceptions…

…People have been put to death [effectively murdered], under wrongful convictions.

No humane state would ever allow this…and the only way to guarantee this does not happen, is to outlaw state execution.

Understand the nuance:

I’m not suggesting a genuinely raped child does not deserve justice…

…I’m saying that overreaching with something so extreme and destructive as the death penalty, is never an acceptable answer.

To all of you who imagine this is such a wonderful idea…

…What happens when it’s your own son who falls through the statistical cracks, gets wrongly charged and convicted…and then gets sent to his death?

It’s a “curious” thing going on these days…False charges of rape and sexual assault, are alarmingly common.

…So, don’t get too enthusiastic over dictating who in this world is “trash”, worthy of extermination.

The system [and society] doesn’t really care that much, when it get’s these things wrong.


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[Danish] P1 Dokumentar: Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil 1:2…

Date: June 01, 2018

01) P1 Dokumentar: Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil 1:2

“Kan man være pædofil og samtidig modstander af enhver form for overgreb på børn? P1 Dokumentar har talt med en række unge pædofile mænd, der aldrig kunne finde på at udleve deres seksuelle fantasi. De vil gerne have hjælp, men tør ikke at række hånden ud. Men hvis pædofile ikke får hjælp i tide, så øger det risikoen for, at flere børn bliver udsat for seksuelle overgreb.
En af de unge pædofile i dokumentaren er Oliver – han er 18 år og han har aldrig sagt ordet ‘pædofil’ højt, før han snakkede med journalisterne fra P1 Dokumentar.
De unge pædofile mænd lever det meste af deres liv på intern…”


“Can you be pedophile and at the same time opposing any kind of abuse on children? P1 Documentary has spoken to a number of young pedophile men who could never figure out their sexual imagination. They want help, but do not dare to reach out. However, if pedophiles do not get help on time, it increases the risk of more children being exposed to sexual assault.
One of the young pedophiles in the documentary is Oliver – he is 18 years old and he has never said the word ‘pedophile’ loudly before talking to the journalists from P1 Dokumentar.
The young pedophile men live most of their lives internally …”

Well…I cant tell what’s being talked about in detail…but, the description gives us a general idea of the tone of this interview…

…Before anyone groans…please remember…I am an information, content and media aggregator, amongst other things…

I have a policy [and history] of passing along things involving other MAPs, regardless of whether those things perfectly mirror my own ethical world view…I do this for the sake of broader commentary, and fostering dialogue.

How to spot high-conflict people before it’s too late – Bill Eddy…

Date: June 01, 2018

01) How to spot high-conflict people before it’s too late – Bill Eddy

“Here’s a fast fact about high-conflict people: life is better when you avoid them. Bill Eddy, mediation expert and president of the High Conflict Institute, describes them not only as difficult but also potentially dangerous. So how can we avoid becoming a target in their path of destruction? First, you have to be able to recognize them, says Eddy. They tend to share these four key characteristics: a preoccupation with blaming others, all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, and extreme behaviors. Once you know what you’re dealing with—a textbook high-conflict personality—you can take measures to manage this relationship, whether it’s at home, at work, or beyond. Eddy shares his matter-of-fact methods for withdrawing from these people or, if that’s not an option, for how to resist their conflict lures and disengage from the drama. Bill Eddy is the author of 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life: Identifying and Dealing with Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other High-Conflict Personalities.

Transcript: What’s interesting is high-conflict personalities seem to—we’ve really boiled it down to four key characteristics. The first and maybe the most stunning is a preoccupation with blaming other people. It’s really, “It’s all your fault,”—and you may have experienced this—“and it’s not at all my fault”. That’s zero. “My part of the problem is zero.” And that’s how high-conflict people talk. And they’ll say, “Don’t you get it? It’s all your fault.”

The second is a lot of all-or-nothing thinking. “Of course it’s all your fault, but my way or the highway.” Solutions to problems are: “There’s all-good people and there’s all-bad people.” So they have this kind of all-or-nothing perspective.

A third is often, but not always, unmanaged emotions. And you may see that; people that just start yelling or just start crying or just storm out of a room—that kind of behavior we’re seeing, but it’s emotions that they’re not managing.

And the fourth is extremes of behavior.

And one thing I talk about in the book ‘Five Types of People’ is this 90 percent rule, that 90 percent of people don’t do some of the things that high-conflict people do. So if you see some shocking behavior and then the person makes an excuse for it, that’s often the tip of the iceberg.

So it’s preoccupation with blaming others, all-or-nothing thinking, unmanaged emotions, and extreme behaviors. That seems to be the pattern for high-conflict personalities. People that have those we call high-conflict people. But, by the way, don’t tell them that you think that—that’ll blow up in your face.

So target of blame seems to be why these folks can become so difficult. If you’re the target of blame your life may be ruined by one of these folks, and that’s what people need to become aware of. So the target of blame—each of these five high-conflict personalities tends to zero in generally on one person. It could change over time but they see that person as the cause of all their problems. And so they want to control that person or eliminate that person or destroy or humiliate that person. It’s a fixation on one person, and all of their life problems they emotionally focus on that person. So you don’t want to be one of those folks.

How to avoid being a target of blame? First of all, if you see warning signs of this behavior don’t get too close to such a person. You may be a friend, but don’t be the closest friend. You may be a co-worker, but don’t be the closest co-worker. Because what seems to happen is the people they get really close to are the ones that are most at-risk of becoming their targets of blame.

But it could be anybody. They tend to target intimate others and people in authority. So this could be boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, parents, children, co-workers, neighbors they get close to. It also could be police, it could be a government agency or government official, it could be their boss, it could be the company owner. So they tend to focus on intimate others and/or people in authority.

Now the way to avoid becoming a target of blame is not getting too close to them but also not engaging in conflict with them. They often invite conflict, like they’ll say outrageous things and you may feel like you’ve got to persuade them that they’re wrong, and that’s what I call a “forget about it”. Just forget about it. You’re not going to change their mind. If they’re a difficult person, a high-conflict person, this is who they are, and you may not really even exist for them. So if you argue with them they’re not going to change. So save yourself the trouble.”