[Danish] P1 Dokumentar: Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil 1:2…

Date: June 01, 2018

01) P1 Dokumentar: Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil 1:2

“Kan man være pædofil og samtidig modstander af enhver form for overgreb på børn? P1 Dokumentar har talt med en række unge pædofile mænd, der aldrig kunne finde på at udleve deres seksuelle fantasi. De vil gerne have hjælp, men tør ikke at række hånden ud. Men hvis pædofile ikke får hjælp i tide, så øger det risikoen for, at flere børn bliver udsat for seksuelle overgreb.
En af de unge pædofile i dokumentaren er Oliver – han er 18 år og han har aldrig sagt ordet ‘pædofil’ højt, før han snakkede med journalisterne fra P1 Dokumentar.
De unge pædofile mænd lever det meste af deres liv på intern…”


“Can you be pedophile and at the same time opposing any kind of abuse on children? P1 Documentary has spoken to a number of young pedophile men who could never figure out their sexual imagination. They want help, but do not dare to reach out. However, if pedophiles do not get help on time, it increases the risk of more children being exposed to sexual assault.
One of the young pedophiles in the documentary is Oliver – he is 18 years old and he has never said the word ‘pedophile’ loudly before talking to the journalists from P1 Dokumentar.
The young pedophile men live most of their lives internally …”

Well…I cant tell what’s being talked about in detail…but, the description gives us a general idea of the tone of this interview…

…Before anyone groans…please remember…I am an information, content and media aggregator, amongst other things…

I have a policy [and history] of passing along things involving other MAPs, regardless of whether those things perfectly mirror my own ethical world view…I do this for the sake of broader commentary, and fostering dialogue.

4 thoughts on “[Danish] P1 Dokumentar: Hjælp mig, jeg er pædofil 1:2…

  1. Yure

    Thanks for reminding me that you are a content aggregator. It would be nice to give that warning every time you share something potentially groan-inducing, because people could think you support those things.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s too much work….

      It could also kind of stigmatize certain content…and make this resource appear non-neutral…something I’d rather avoid.

      While I don’t expect WordPress to knife me in the back…I’ve lost to many blogs in the past, which I’m confident were targeted in part because of their narrow focus, on a politically incorrect issue.

      I intentionally evolved to include a wide range of issues and viewpoints, not solely because it fell into my broader plans [which it does]…but also because it deflects accusations that I’m using Worpress to reign down a new dawn of pedophilic anarchy…or some such nonsense.

      My views are here, floating around in the mix…Issues and stances involving pedophilia are important…but there’s a lot of other human and social issues, which are also important.

      1. Yure

        So, you are playing it safe. Wise choice. I’ll try to keep in mind that you aren’t a therapy advocate, eh.

      2. eqfoundation Post author


        I am not at all for forced therapy…

        …I am for humane mental health services, for anyone who genuinely needs said services, and self elects to have them.

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