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Supreme Court Deals Blow To Abortion & LGBT Community…

Date: June 05, 2018

01) BREAKING: Supreme Court Deals Blow To Abortion & LGBT Community



A Child in the Crowd [1976]…


Date: June 05, 2018

01) Un Enfant Dans La Foule 1976 – A Child in the Crowd – Un niño en la multitud

“A Child in the Crowd (French: Un enfant dans la foule) is a 1976 French drama film directed by Gérard Blain. It was entered into the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.

The historical setting of the liberation of Paris provides a fortuitously excellent dramatic background to what one might expect from the foregoing to be a steamily sensational story, but is instead something much greater: a heart-wrenching story of an eminently lovable boy’s unsuccessful quest for love, told with unfailing tenderness and honesty.”

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