Date: June 06, 2018

01) PEDOPHILE for CONGRESS: Nathan Larson – The Pedo Files 6 – POD AWFUL PODCAST

“Nathan Larson is pro-rape, pro-incest, pro-incel, pro-pedophilia, pro-misogyny, and pro-Hitler… AND HE’S RUNNING FOR CONGRESS! Jesse interviews him for the full hour, to reveal the man behind the monster, uncover the lies the the Huffington Post might have told in their article about him, and find out if he is truly autistic, or just trolling. This is REAL LIBERTARIANISM™.”

Doesn’t sound like he really has much…gusto…or well thought out strategy…or much of a clear message…

I have a hard time seeing this interview, as being little more than a disaster…I have to be honest about that.

There are several questions…I don’t know that I want to say, I would not have dignified them with a response…so much as I would not have simply rolled with them, like that.

You have to have a plan, and set tactics, when you do media.

There were some teaching moments in there, if only Nathan had seized on them…

19 thoughts on “POD AWFUL PODCAST: PEDOPHILE for CONGRESS: Nathan Larson…

  1. masto

    cest quoi la polémique avec lui ? moi perso je suis ausi pro inceste MAIS JAMAIS PRO VIOL OU antifemme .. mais ce que jai du mal a comprendre cest que les boyslove n aime pas pourquoi ? jai pas trop compris ce point la

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It’s not entirely impossible that I am mistaken on some of the following…but, this is my take on things.

      “What is the controversy with him? me perso I am also pro incest BUT NEVER PRO VIOL OR antifemme .. but what I can not understand is that the boyslove do not like why? I did not really understand this point”

      Nathan has been posting amongst us BoyLovers, for years…I believe under multiple names [many of which he’s been banned under]…with an aggressive and antisocial mode of behavior, which could easily be interpreted [right or wrong] as malicious trolling…or trying to dominate and destroy one of our social platforms [IE: BoyChat].

      If I’m correct about his history…then he’s spent many years, driving the BoyLove community completely up the wall, having to manage and endure his relentless behavior, that nearly rendered our resource “useless”, at one point in time, and for a very long stretch of time…And his loose, careless [defiant, actually] disregard for community standards, and the delicate social balance that a board like BoyChat exists in, made a lot of people feel he was a danger to the stability and existence of the board.

      There is an enormous amount of frustration, over his efforts to monopolize BoyChat into his personal ambitions…many of which, are not shared by BoyChatters…some of them being condemned by BoyChatters…

      He’s been generally looked upon as being insane…at times, speculated to be a paid troll/mole…an agent of chaos.

      He’s been one of those few, uncommonly long, infamous presences on BoyChat, which many feel has degraded our community…A community which many of us have spent large portions of our own lives, building and nurturing.

      I’m certain that, alone, caused much of the deep anger and frustration…Having to watch something so deeply personal and precious to us, being constantly hijacked by a presence many [most?] found to be odious.

      …And, many believe he’s just insane…and they’re fed up with being relentlessly subjected to him.

      It eventually came out, that he’s likely got Asperger syndrome, or something like that.

      I’m not in a good position to articulate all of his views, as I quit opening up his BoyChat posts, years ago…

      The incest wasn’t so much an issue of contention, as I recall…But the racist, white supremacy stuff, definitely is an issue of conflict…as were extreme views, like a right to ownership of females and children/youth…and a “right to rape”…or only having to get the consent from a female or child/youths “owner”, to do what you want with them…

      He also had screwy notions, that he could tell us all to boycott products from certain countries, after reading some news article about government aggression towards MAPs…as if we are supposed to monitor every single thing we buy, in a market primarily made up of imported goods…in the face of his ever growing list of “banned countries”.

      So much of his presence in our community, was not only ludicrous…it was down right destructive…

      …A lot of people are very sore about that.

      Eventually, he built his own websites…and I presume he’s been preoccupied with those [and the incel community], which seems to have kept him from resurfacing in the BoyLove community, yet again.

      So…in summary…a lot of the BoyLove community feels abused and exploited by him, and his past, long term behavior.

    2. Yure

      I’m also pretty fine with incest, and, as a Brazilian, I should add that incest isn’t a crime in my territory, provided that both parts are at least fourteen (age of consent).
      I’m also against violation and I don’t have anything against women. What makes people like me dislike him is the advocacy for rape, as in, forced sexual contact. Steve and I don’t think that any form of violence should be supported. I think that, even if we do away with sexual legislation, some sex crimes should be reclassified as violence crimes and I think rape should be one of them. So, that’s the tension between us and Larson. While we both agree that age of consent should disappear, we don’t think that laws against racial discrimination, rape (here understood as forced penetration), molestation (here understood as undesired sexual contact) or other things should also disappear.
      I talked to three friends who aren’t attracted to minors about Larson and two of them were quick to point that a person advocating both for pedophilia and rape is bound to make the public think that those concepts are correlated, making us look even worse. It validates anti-pedophile bias. Nonetheless, looking at the current political set up in United States, he has chances of winning, albeit small, because more and more people are thinking like him.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        “I’m also pretty fine with incest, and, as a Brazilian, I should add that incest isn’t a crime in my territory, provided that both parts are at least fourteen (age of consent).”


        I mean…I’m not really shocked, given that not every country is exactly as puritanical as the U.S.

        Kind of related…

        …I’ve been amazed, that there remains states in the U.S., where zoophilia is still entirely legal.

        …Probably because it’s the type of thing “nobody” thinks about, except those involved with it.

        It just floors me, that the Sex Nazis haven’t snuffed this out, given their absolute hysterical obsession over everything sexual.

        “I’m also against violation and I don’t have anything against women.”

        It’s fair to say, I am well in line with second wave feminism.

        …Things coming out of third wave [and fourth, if it exists], have been where feminism has gone off the rails, and become a movement for obsessive, domination minded bullies and sociopaths.

        “Steve and I don’t think that any form of violence should be supported.”

        Exactly…though I do recognize a right to violence, in circumstances where we are being violently assaulted, or otherwise threatened with the loss of our life and freedom…

        …If an angry mob is outside your door…or some “authority” decides your voiced views validate their decision to take you as a hostage prisoner…you have a right to “grab the shotgun” and stand your ground.

        If some hot head approaches you on the street, verbally assaults you…takes a swing at you…pulls out a weapon…a MAP has every right to do to that person, whatever that MAP feels is necessary to neutralize the threat…even if it seriously injures them, or leaves them dead.

        But these are the only sorts of caveats, where I find violence to be acceptable…in self defense, to immediate bodily threat.

        Otherwise, I condemn all forms of violence, against people who are not being aggressively violent.

        “I talked to three friends who aren’t attracted to minors about Larson and two of them were quick to point that a person advocating both for pedophilia and rape is bound to make the public think that those concepts are correlated, making us look even worse. It validates anti-pedophile bias.”

        Yes…This is a very bad face for MAPs…

        …It’s exactly the sort of thing, many of us have spent decades fighting against.

        …And here is this guy, bursting onto the scene of various venues…acting as if he were oblivious, to what the actual MAP community is about, or what it primarily stands for.

        …I’ve only witnessed self centered behaviors coming from this guy…He’s not in this for MAPs, from what I’ve seen. If he cared about the MAP community, he’d not be doing this.

        I’ve wondered if he isn’t ultimately a “false flag”…kind of like “Heart Progress”…put in place by someone who wants a lightning point, on which to outrage the larger public…and reign down public wrath on the MAP community…pass even more draconian law, and the like.

        It may be improbable…but, I don’t put anything past “those who know best”, anymore.

        “Nonetheless, looking at the current political set up in United States, he has chances of winning, albeit small, because more and more people are thinking like him.”

        I really don’t believe he has a genuine chance of winning…not even a tiny one…

        …And I think it would be very bad, if he did win.

        His “platform” [IE: views] are scatterbrained…and largely crazy…

        …And look…I hate the sanitized figureheads who never address the real issues, as much as anybody…But this is not a representative, that any sane MAP wants.

        …He’s not even good at giving a low level, live interview…

        …Neither am I, for that matter…Which is why I have enough sense, to refuse doing them.

        Apparently…this guy cant even figure out how to navigate a question, to prevent himself from coming off like an insane lunatic…

        …And he does interviews with people and forums, the likes of which end with parting shots of calling him a monster, and wishing him death…

        …This is not what a sincere representative of the MAP community does.

        We’ve already been down this road…

        …It seems Nathan has learned nothing from it.

      2. Yure

        What is illegal here is incestuous marriage. You can have sex, but not marry. But in 2016, if I’m not mistaken, one girl managed to push justice to grant her the right to marry her father. They were separated for 12 years and, when they met again, they fell in love. They spent two years going out and having sex, until she turned 18. Then, they decided that they would marry. So, there’s that.

      3. Wil

        Forgive me for butting-in suddenly, I’m playing catching up; however I couldn’t help but notice and therefore (due to circumstances arising in my own childhood) have a resulting follow-up question:
        I’m fascinated by the tolerance of inter-familial relations in the Brazilian culture. not only was I aware of tolerance, I have some familiar to you through an old college friend. I had a bond and enjoyed a sexual intimacy beyond the typical status-quo with my own biological father from a very young age growing up, and while I‘m aware that it would not have been approved-of below the age of 14, I wonder if this tolerance would extend so far as to include those rare occasions when a parent is sexually affection with his / her own child, naturally in this instance, above the age of 14?

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        I have to step out for a few hours…

        Of course, people are welcome to continue leaving comments…But I wont be around to approve them, for a while.

        – Steve

      5. Yure

        This territory is so big, I’m sure there are people like that. Most parents would refrain, I’m sure, as attraction to minors seems to be a mostly male thing. And I know that some adults have the hots for teenagers, I don’t see why they wouldn’t feel it for their own children when they start puberty. I tried to share a link with Steve, about a father who was in a relationship with his 16-year-old daughter and, when she turned 18, they tried to acquire the right to marry (altough incestuous relationships are tolerated, incestuous marriage is crime, according to the letter of the law). If I’m not mistaken, they got the permission and married, so there you go. A father who married his daughter at her request.
        Unfortunately, the news are in Portuguese. If you look up “Menina de 18 anos se prepara para casar com seu próprio pai após dois anos de namoro”, you see the news. They got laid when she was 16 and married when she was 18.

      6. eqfoundation Post author

        I’ve been somewhat intrigued by this phenomena, ever since I first learned about it…probably a couple of decades ago.

        It’s said that family members who were estranged for many years, especially when at least one was a child at the time of separation, have a heightened probability of having sex with each other when they reunite…

        Some “experts” claim it has to do with seeking the intense closeness through sex, to make up for the closeness they lost throughout life.

        Some people claim it’s “genetic sexual attraction”…

        If you had really awful feelings about someone…or found them too weird or creepy…or they just set themselves up as being “out of bounds”, like a strict disciplinarian…I can understand why you might have trouble performing with them…

        …But if the parts and the willingness are there…I’ve never seen, known, nor understood, what the alleged “biological turn off” is, where it comes to incest.

        I’ve known at least three different people, who were quite happy enough to have incestuous sex, repeatedly.

        I honestly don’t believe, that the human sex drive is so different, from that of most animals.

        …We just have ways of shaming certain manners of sex, into the secrecy of closed places.

      7. Yure

        My only problem with incest is the offspring. Alas, there’s a lot of sex acts that end in no reproduction whatsoever.

      8. eqfoundation Post author

        I agree…

        Nobody with close biological relations, should be intentionally making babies together…

        …Although…if they ever get to the point where they can manipulate DNA to correct incest problems…this may become a problem of the past.

      9. Wil

        Yes it’s okay, you shouldn’t shame those who’ve done it, nor should you shame those aroused by it. If you drop the stupid social stigma thinking for you, rather than thinking for yourself, you’d see it biologically and mechanically as a red herring non-issue. The instinctive autonomic repulse-reflex most common amongst the polled demographics, is not present for all. Too, in cases of same-sex familial coupling, it’s about as relevant as fertility drugs, or should be. The “ick-factor” most commonly cited and associated with intrafamilial coupling is theorized to be a biological marker attempting to prevent chromosomilogical impact or ‘genetic drift’ by diversifying the gene pool most efficiently, thereby maximizing the probability for the success of genetic continuance. However, forgetting the archetypes, the genome has no way of immediately (anthropologically speaking) adjusting the script of its genome to allow for the recent phenomenon of overpopulation in the face of dwindlihg resources, where such non-procreative pairings would help in thinning the environmental demand and impact. There’s soon to be eight billion-with-a-B people on this poor, tired, muddy orb hurling through space, and the genome has performed too well, sans the psychological and cognitive predisposition the species exhibits toward deism, and its stunted retardation of our sociological intellectual and anthropological development as a species that is. Lastly and yet another validation, in cases of interfamilial copulation where all participating members share a common gender, these conditions are immediately self-regulating, genetically, thereby rendering the entire mindset and argument by of incest moot entirely, as procreation is not a possibility at all. In cases where the participants experience less of a natural ‘autonomic deterrent,’ (if any at all) while they may socially stigmatized, ridiculed and / or shamed shamed, society may do so as they might, the family members are simply doing what they enjoy with someone with whom they share love and and family and familiarity and trust, and using their bodies to do so no differently from anyone else…an attempt to feel good and to cause their partner to likewise experience the same in return, thereby finding a little more love and happiness is this world while they can. Always I question the motives, deeply, of any who make any attempt to stand in the way of that most relatable of goals.

      10. Yure

        I think there’s a lot of incest going on in Brazilian houses, even with people deemed unable to consent, and no one is complaining. The consent law only became absolute here in 2009. Before, sexual contacts wouldn’t be automatically crime if done to a person under 14. The case could be, if the parents wished, brought to court, so that the judge would decide if the relationship could continue or not, kinda like how it works in France. A lot of things that people in other countries would consider sexual were considered “play” here. I think I told you that I also had a incestuous contact. It really didn’t harm me. I told that to an American friend and, when he insisted to me that I was molested and I kept saying that I didn’t see things that way, he dropped connections with me. I tried contacting him again and he just ignored.

      11. eqfoundation Post author

        I’ve written about this a handful of times…

        …but when I was about twelve, I got seduced by one of my cousins…

        I didn’t actually lose my virginity to her…but, there were some fun experiences…despite the personal, psychological [religious] conflict.

        I’ve spent most of my life since, regretful of how I limited that relationship and situation…I’ll never get that chance, again.

        But, speaking solely of the alone time we had…I found kid incest to be quite positive and lovely.

        When you’ve experienced it first hand…you really understand where the actual experience differs, from the hyperbolic horror stories about it.

        I think that’s exactly why people like us can have an intelligent, insightful, calm and honest discussion about it.

      12. Wil

        Isn’t marvelously fantastic how superior those pompous asses are, they know so much such a great degree that they know your history in childhood and feelings and emotions better than you know even yourself, miserable fucking cunts. I’ll tell you truth, I would have said this motherfucker ablaze ages ago if it wasn’t for my own selfish hedonistic sensualism and it’s resulting unquenchable thirst to experience as much as I possibly can in the laughably finite portion of time I’m allotted in this corporeal wink but it’s that mentality right there…my acrimonious revulsion to any of that sort of soul crushingly oppressive, fear-mongeribg, self-loathing, mob-mentality mind-fucking horseshit right there, that makes me wanna fuck it all off and set the sky ablaze hoping something civilized rises from the ashes. It’s that mentality right there, did they know you better than you know yourself and they know what’s best for you even in hindsight for positive memories don’t align with their conformity so as to inspire some internal drive within them to squash it to suffocated and snuff it from your very existence…I have a viscous bile of hatred that bubbles up from deep within me that is the resulting aftermath of a lifetime of relentless attempts by those mass mindless mongoloids at holding me too in a lifelong state of emotional, psychological, and intellectual slavery with any who wonder beyond the perimeter of their imposed oppression demonized ostracized criminalized and ultimately broken never getting to experience the one life they were given having it robbed and maliciously stolen from them, the one life, one chance they…we have been given. I’m shedding a tear right now typing this – we’re here for such a wink of a moment of time, and then gone, returned to star-stuff. It’s ultimately the most criminal of crimes imaginable to limit someone’s experience, it’s so cruel that it makes me long for an afterlife for no reason more altruistic than that of the reward of just desserts served. Futile. It’s all so futile.

      13. eqfoundation Post author

        It’s monopolizing and hijacking of our [everybody’s] existence and history…our very cognition.

        …And, yes…They are ruthless cunts, for it.

  2. Wil

    Also, I didn’t mean “you,” in the specific…clearly, I’m speaking to a mass “you,” in a more broad and general mindset.

  3. Wil

    there’s so many typos, but the sentiment is there and I’m exhausted but the subject matter so I will digress and leave the typos to lay.


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