Arizona veterans group finds homeless camp — and fuels a new ‘pizzagate’-style conspiracy…

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Date: June 07, 2018

01) Arizona veterans group finds homeless camp — and fuels a new ‘pizzagate’-style conspiracy

“Conspiracy theorists have found a new outrage to respond to, this one in Tucson, Arizona.

An armed group called Veterans on Patrol is demanding that authorities recognize a homeless camp they found on private property to be a child sex-trafficking camp.

Authorities have found no evidence that there was a child-sex camp on the site, even though they have brought in investigators and a police cadaver dog to search the area. But the lack of evidence has done nothing to prevent these claims from catching on among far-right online conspiracy theorists.

The speed at which these accusations have spread is yet another example of how fringe beliefs, nurtured in dark corners of the internet, can blossom in a deeply polarized era.

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory — an elaborate offshoot of the debunked “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which claimed Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza shop that had no basement — have been particularly gripped by Meyer’s claims. The “pizzagate” theory inspired one person to fire an AR-15 rifle in the restaurant.”

As usual…the unfounded claims run rampant.

…The “rape trees” weren’t actually rape trees…

…But once the conspiracy theorists get something into their heads…everybody else has to suffer from their ignorance…


This is the problem with laymen and zealots deciding they are “authoritative investigators”…

Their incompetence is the source of all sorts of trouble and suffering…frequently for people, other than themselves.

This is why it annoys me so badly, when these people wont pull their heads out of their own rear ends…

…They’re just clueless idiots, running around and causing trouble.

We are the ones who have to live in this world, with all of their B.S.

…Many of us are so, so eternally sick of it…We’re just done tolerating this nonsense…

…Why cant we have them all committed to a mental institution, and get them out of everybody’s hair?

…It’s where a lot of them belong.

When are you sorts of people who do this type of stuff going to get it through your heads?…

You are not helping anyone, or anything, in any way, shape or form, by working up the public into a frenzy, over your wild goose chases!

In fact…your notorious incompetence only hurts things.


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