Schoolboy pimp, 16, was selling his schoolmates into sex – six adults arrested for buying sex…

Date: June 08, 2018

01) Schoolboy pimp, 16, was selling his schoolmates into sex – six adults arrested for buying sex

Thanks feinmann0!

“Following investigations by teachers at a school in Nakorn Sawan police have busted a 16 year old boy for human trafficking and six men who bought sexual services with school boys. But there are thought to be a staggering total of 150 people who bought sex from the victims. All of the eight victims are under 15 with some under 13.”

As Slippery Boy comments in response to this item: “The best thing about this story is that these are not homeless ‘street kids’ reluctantly prostituting themselves to survive. These were school-boys, who have school uniforms, and families that provide them with food and shelter. That must rock the misconceptions of the western ‘victimologists’ who would like to think only starving homeless drug-addicted boys would prostitute themselves.”

I couldn’t find the comment…It probably got deleted.

Very interesting report, however.

People like to overlook, that boys that age typically love sexual contact…Some will take it, anywhere they can find it…

Everybody likes to presume they’re getting dick in their anus…and, hey, I don’t know if they are or not…

…But I presume if they weren’t into whatever they were doing, they wouldn’t be returning to “the job” on a regular basis.

I don’t presume that most people sexually attracted to kids, want to be inhumane towards kids…ever…including during the sexual activity…even in the case of prostitution…

If I were getting dick in the anus at that age, and it was painful…I’d get out of that arrangement, real quick…The money would not make the experience worth it, in my opinion.

There’s so much that can happen between two males…I don’t know why everybody else [who isn’t involved], always imagines the boy is taking dick in the anus.

…I presume they are projecting.

It’s always illuminating to find these prostitution rings, where the kids themselves were running it.

If it was their business…would it not have been their rules?

8 thoughts on “Schoolboy pimp, 16, was selling his schoolmates into sex – six adults arrested for buying sex…

  1. Wil

    I love a young entrepreneurial-minded boy… Why is it all day every pedal to me is those goddamn cookies?? I’ve passed over platinum cards for similar access, barely legal but legal just the same, now I wonder how many lines of credit I would stack on the table and slide across access… No better nope, best to not think about it. If he was selling his youngest brother, I can very easily see myself betraying my country, my former religion, and then taking a Weedwhacker to my octogenarian grandmother for a crack at that opportunity, shouldn’t he be applauded though? I mean don’t we worship money in this nation above all else, even brainwashed lemmings, goosestep basejumping from Nancy Grace’s Sieg Heil ??

  2. Jerry

    From past knowledge of others doing such things, it will be primarily oral sex, perhaps overwhelmingly so. And mostly with the boys in luxuriating receipt.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s pretty well what I figured…

      …Nobody ever takes into account, just how many older guys love sucking young boy cock…and find it incredibly hot.

      It’s one of the most under acknowledged things.

      1. Wil

        No I don’t bother with that Sad little bee and a sausage sad little Vienna sausage situation they got going, deep long with kissing absolutely, for hours and hours in fact, But I’m not spending much time sucking that little thing, he can work on his gag reflex with me naturally And I will occupy my mouth with a real dick, perhaps one waiting his turn LOL ohhh that just got *real* pornographic *very* quickly… i’ll throw out a disclaimer: The words I type speak only for myselfAnd do not in anyway represent anyone affiliated with this or any other site but my own, no one is responsible for my words but me, and I stand by them wholeheartedly, and if you don’t believe me… Well you could always test me LOL

  3. Jerry

    Yes, everyone assumes the boy is simply a “slave” to the elder’s rapacious appetites for domination. Mind you, some boys really, really like that. Wasn’t my thing, though.

  4. feinmann0

    First Steve, Slippery Boy’s comment plus the news item appeared on the dark side of the net.

    Second, there is an unacknowledged sting in the tail to this story. As you can see from the link, the Thai police love to parade miscreants very publicly, often together with the evidence of the crime committed. A Swiss Farang, Christian Python, just a fortnight ago, was arrested for ‘publishing’ child pornography. From, you can see for yourself that the Thai police had no qualms about displaying an example of the ‘published’ child pornography to the press, which to my mind is in itself hypocritically breaking their own law. But, the Thai police never pass up an opportunity to boast about their ‘successes’. The TICAC task force that initiated the search of Python’s computers, was formed about 18 months ago, and is a clone of CEOPS in the UK and doubtless similar organisations around the world that have mushroomed-up in response to child sexual abuse hysteria and law enforcement greed and corruption.

    Back to lovely Thai boys. Thai culture is highly paradoxical, but one thing is for sure; families are extremely unforgiving when it comes to loss of face. The AIDs epidemic hit south-east Asia really hard during the 1980s and has only very slowly recovered since. The epidemic highlighted Thai male sexual behaviour as never before, demonstrating widespread male to male promiscuity and unprotected sex. One bi-product of the epidemic was a massive rise in the number of HIV-positive youngsters being thrown out of their homes for bringing disgrace on the family name.

    So please, spare a thought for these ‘entrepreneurial boys’ and the way they will be treated henceforth by their families and the communities within which they live.


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