5 thoughts on “The Youth Liberation Channel Has Been Terminated…

  1. feinmann0

    Not only that but this too: m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1838262272887035&id=286808914699053

  2. Bumpy

    YouTube is a dying platform. In recent years it has essentially become the equivalent of daytime television — exactly what it was created to get away from! The “You” is gone. It’s only “Tube”. Fortunately, Alphabet/Google has violated far more than just kind people, and everyone will benefit from the Web 3.0 platforms that are in development to replace YouTube and other authoritarian internet structures. Of course, they’re all trying to find ways to censor kind people, but it’s simply not possible to have a platform that is substantially different from YouTube if censorship of any sort is allowed. If it can be censored, then governments and other interests will see to it that it is censored, and over time it will converge toward what we see on YouTube. I thank Youth Liberation for his efforts. A blog might be a better format, on his budget. This is a mere bump in the road.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I wrote a post, which kind of covers the same theme as your comment…I’ll post it shortly.

      I hope YL sticks with this…

      …YouTube is horrible…I have three or four accounts there…only two of which, I use in a substantive way…and mostly not for MAP related stuff.

      I agree…YL needs to open a WordPress.com account…Set up a stable home base. I think Patreon is iffy about this sort of thing, also.

      This is a problem with most media/social websites.

      “YouTube is a dying platform.”

      …YouTube has lost it’s “soul”…It’s largely boring…even though, I still find a lot of interesting content…I’m tired as hell, over constantly being assaulted with adds for paid, commercial content…

      This is not “YouTube”, anymore…

      I’m very deeply tied into the website, as it aids in my typical blogging…but after the way it’s maltreated so many of us…I’m half wanting it to crash and burn.

  3. Wil

    …as straightfaced and deadpan as Jack Benny was ever capable of mugging at the audience, tearing down that “fourth wall,” I offer the following:

    oh, what havoc, really. we never saw that coming. no. not YouTube, say it ain’t so. for the love of…….. *yaaaawn* ……oh, the humanity.

    *insert overly theatrical wailing and shaking fist at sky*
    [[ h e r e ]]


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