Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games…


Date: June 12, 2018

01) Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games

“A game that allowed you to play as an active shooter was pulled from the Steam Store and many on the left started praising Valve for doing so. But the game wasn’t pulled for being offensive, it was pulled because the developer was banned from the service.

Following this Valve clarified they would allow any game on Steam so long as it was legal and not trolling. Naturally the Social Justice left is furious over this refusal to censor legal content.

But why did Valve do it? Are they really standing up for free expression?”

I applaud Valve for this.

The reasons why you don’t give in to the “social justice” net nannies…include the fact that you’ll get an endless flow of nit pickers…who will make your life hell…

Once you compromise your stance and relent to one net nanny…you will greatly weaken your grounds on which to deny subsequent net nannies…

…You simply do not give up ground to them, at all.


2 thoughts on “Social Justice Journalists Outraged Over Refusal to Censor Games…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m fed up with the chronically offended, constantly encroaching on the things of other people’s lives.

      If you’re not forced to have it in your life…then you can simply say, “No thanks, not for me!”, and walk away from it…There is no problem, as concerns to such individuals.

      It’s these nitwits who want to “be offended” on behalf of “everybody else”…who typically don’t even know anything about the situation, and incompetently bumble their way around like a jerk making fools of themselves, that keep this aggressive antisocial plague alive.


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