Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) Stand Up for Copyright in the Digital Age

“How will this impact me?


The proposal would make sharing and accessing news online more difficult. It would force most online platforms to monitor all content you post — like YouTube videos, Facebook comments, and DeviantArt submissions.

Creator / Innovator

Everyone in Europe should have the right to remix, create parodies, and share their ideas online — all the forms of expression that make the internet wonderful. The current proposal doesn’t include an exception for everyday user generated content.

Scientist / Librarian

The proposal only allows scientific research institutions to mine text and datasets, but we think more people — like librarians, journalists, and independent scientists — should be able to access the information they need to discover innovative solutions for Europe.”

Being entirely honest…I am uncertain how, or if, this will directly impact people outside of the European Union.

Of course…given the impact that various laws have already had on the MAP community, by way of impeding MAPs within certain borders…I cannot interpret this proposed law as anything but a threat…even if I don’t live under it’s jurisdiction.

Basically…it appears to be copyright law, gone insane.

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