UN Blames Republicans For America’s Growing Poverty…

Date: June 12, 2018

01) UN Blames Republicans For America’s Growing Poverty

“Donald Trump is deliberately forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin, cruelly depriving them of food and other basic protections while lavishing vast riches on the super-wealthy, the United Nations monitor on poverty has warned.

A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America

Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur who acts as a watchdog on extreme poverty around the world, has issued a withering critique of the state of America today. Trump is steering the country towards a “dramatic change of direction” that is rewarding the rich and punishing the poor by blocking access even to the most meager necessities.

“This is a systematic attack on America’s welfare program that is undermining the social safety net for those who can’t cope on their own. Once you start removing any sense of government commitment, you quickly move into cruelty,” Alston told the Guardian.”


5 thoughts on “UN Blames Republicans For America’s Growing Poverty…

  1. feinmann0

    “In 1980, the US and Europe stood side by side in terms of inequality – in both cases, the richest one percent earned about 10% of national income. Fast forward to 2017, and in Europe the 1% has edged up to 12% of national income. But in America the same elite now gobbles up 20%.” In other words the US has one the race to arrive in hell in a bucket.

    I recall visiting an on-topic buddy in Wichita about eight or so years ago in the wake of the 2008 depression. I chose to do an early morning run from his place each day, my route taking me alongside the Wichita River in the downtown area. Many bridges span the river. What truly shocked me was numbers of homeless people snuggled up in blankets under each span plus these were families, not stereotypical down-and-outs.

    Although the economy has recovered to some extent – the Dow Jones index has tripled in the interim – the above statistics seem to paint an even bleaker picture than before. But then 100 million eligible voters (~44%) did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, so where does the blame for the current state of affairs really lie?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      A lot of people believe that elections don’t change anything…because nearly all the choices are rotten…and owned by either special interests or corporations.

      I am somewhat optimistic, with the “justice democrats”, however…Anyone pledging never to take pac money from corporations or special interests, is a step in a generally good direction.

      I can set here and tell you…the “recovery” is an illusion…Things just keep getting worse…but they put a band-aid on it, every so many years…

      We are still in a state of slow bleed stagnation.

      Some years back, it may be on this blog, I’m not sure…but I recorded a kind of exasperated monologue…arriving at the question, “when are we actually going to bottom out…so we have any chance at finding our footing, and rebuilding ourselves out of this economic mess?”…

      …It’s infuriated me…that they’ve forced us to spend our lives just treading water…to the point where it’s destroyed our futures…and they wont even let it come to an end, so that we can ever emerge out of it.

      That was one dark, bleak night…I was in a very deep, dark place when I recorded that.

      I feel a bit better about things today…probably, because more of the masses of everyday people, are getting angry as a collective.

      I don’t feel like I’m so much isolated, in this particular field…and when I’ve got too many isolated fields to juggle, opening that pressure valve was a good thing.

      1. feinmann0

        Talking of ‘the masses of everyday people, are getting angry as a collective’, events in Europe are potentially reaching a tipping point right now. Hungary, Austria and Poland are actively rejecting multiculturalism by refusing to take refugees; Austria is closing mosques and deporting Imams, Hungary has already physically sealed its borders, Poland talks about the threat of a bloody harvest of its citizens reminiscent of what took place in WWII.

        And now the Bavaria region in Germany, enviously eyeing what Austria has done, has decreed all public buildings are required to display a clearly visible crucifix near their entrances. An informative analysis by Dr Steve Turley here: youtube.com/watch?v=CcR9TSCzSbI
        discusses the potential for even Germany to reject open border policy, thus toppling Angela Merkel’s government in the process and undermining the multiculturalist stance of the Eurocrats in Brussels

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