Kids Masturbate: What Parents Need To Know…

Date: June 14, 2018

01) Kids Masturbate: What Parents Need To Know

“The topic no one wants to talk about! Doctor G has 3 tips for what you need to know, and what you can say to your kids – from toddler to teen!”

Humans masturbate throughout life…but it’s most prevalent from early childhood till well into adulthood.

…It’s because children are sexual beings.

…This is their early life sex drive.

…It’s what makes them naturally open and wanting, towards sexual touch and sexual exploration…sexual intimacy, in some cases.

Children don’t have sexual experiences [even so far as mating] with each other, for no reason.

There are internal, biological reasons why they want to do these things…It is in their nature.

Even very young children will do these things, despite knowing they will be punished for it if ever discovered.

This is how we know, we are observing an immutable biological trait…which by nature, is supposed to be there for some evolutionary reason…Even when some people try to eradicate it with extreme punishment…it still persists.

“Adult force and coercion” as an explanation, is a red herring…Children naturally do these things, entirely on their own initiatives…and for their own reasons.

It is normal for children, who are sexual beings, to explore available avenues [whether physically with friends/cousins/siblings, with pornography, or asking questions of a trusted elder]…to continue learning about sexual activity.

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