Congress moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles…

Date: June 15, 2018

01) Congress moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles

“Washington — The U.S. House approved a ban Wednesday on the importation and trafficking of anatomically correct child sex dolls and robots that “normalize sex between adults and minors.”

The proposal was approved in the House by a voice vote and now moves to the Senate.

“These dolls can be programmed to simulate rape. The very thought makes me nauseous,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican.

Child sex dolls are one niche of a nascent robotic sex industry that has generated debate about the ethics of the use of lifelike machines for sexual activity. It is a subject that turns from squeamish to outright revulsion for many when it touches on child sex dolls and robots.”

People “distraught” over the existence of sex dolls?…

…Yes…these white knights dream of a day, when silicone dolls and “robots” can breathe a sigh of relief…and finally feel safe from rape…

…A “rape” they cannot even possibly comprehend, as they are not living entities…and cannot be psychologically damaged, from any sex act.

Well, hey…

…Sometimes sex toys need laws to protect them from being used…right?

Hey!…It’s a protection “sex rights” bill, for sex toys!

…Wow…Who would have ever thought?…

How long do you think it will take them, to start outlawing other sex toys?…

…I mean…there is no legal or logical basis, on which they can outlaw these…and yet fail to outlaw anything else, that they imagine “titillates the mind of pedophiles”.

I just wonder what would happen, if a fed up group of people [maybe a hundred or so] decided to start roaming around the internet, leaving rave reviews on every sex toy they can find…talking about how it “helps them reach climax, while fantasizing about raping two year old children in the anus”…While simultaneously having a group of “concerned citizens” taking screen shots [before the reviews get deleted], and sending them to their representatives in government, with accompanied demands to do something about it…

…Some congressmen would love to pass such a law…Do you think they’d dare enrage the larger population of “sex perverts”, just to “come after the pedophiles”?…

…And if they didn’t dare…something tells me there might be a useful edge in that, as well.

These “representatives” want to be an obscene pain in the ass?…

…I think they should have an obscene pain in the ass, right back at them…ten fold.

3 thoughts on “Congress moves to ban child sex robots favored by pedophiles…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I think it’s also worth saying, that declaring these things ” favored by pedophiles”, seems really rich, given how obscure the item honestly is…

    How many pedophiles are even aware these things exist?

    I think somebody is bending over and talking out of their butt, with that line.

  2. feinmann0

    From Prof Richard Mohr: ‘The Pedophilia of Everyday Life’:

    “Indeed, the social requirement that the pedophile’s existence be shadowy helps realize the social requirement that sexy images of children will not be read as such. Society needs the pedophile: his existence allows everyone else to view sexy children innocently. But his conceptualization by society must not be allowed to be rich enough to be interesting, to constitute a life.”

    Mohr discusses imagery in his article, but his cogent observation applies equally to representations too, for example: child sex dolls.


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