You’ll Soon Be Able to Manufacture Anything You Want and Governments Will Be Powerless to Stop It…

Date: June 15, 2018

01) You’ll Soon Be Able to Manufacture Anything You Want and Governments Will Be Powerless to Stop It

“From DIY guns to designer drugs, classic-car parts, and human livers, 3D printing promises a dynamic and uncontrollable world.

In the very near future, governments will lose the ability to keep guns, drones, and other forbidden goods out of the hands of their subjects. They’ll also be rendered impotent to enforce trade and technology embargoes. Power is shifting from the state to individuals and small groups courtesy of additive manufacturing—aka 3D printing—technology.

Additive manufacturing is poised to revolutionize whole industries—destroying some jobs while creating new opportunities. That’s according to a recent report from the prestigious RAND Corporation, and there’s plenty of evidence to support the dynamic and “disruptive” view of the future that the report promises.”

Uh Oh!…

…How are they going to stop people from making their own “child sex dolls”, which they’ve passed laws against?!!

…And what if someone programs in a sculpture, of two gorgeous, hot and sexy eight year old boys, sixty-nineing each other?!!

…I wonder how long it would take them to pass a law against that?…The sculpture, I mean!…

Hmmmm…Another sort of product [3D printers], to leave rave reviews on?…

…I dare say, there’s an endless supply of items out there, that “a pedophile could stoke their perversion with”…

…Lotions…anything soft and fluffy…children’s toys…a jar of smooth peanut butter…Hell, even your sitting government representative is likely to have something [anything, whatsoever] on their official website, that might “remind you of your burning, pedophilic desires, and send you into a lustful rage”…

I dare say…the entire internet is “child porn”, if you’re creative enough…and full of enough B.S…Even those pain in the ass fanatics will have some skeletons found in their closet, to the “properly discerning eye”…

…I’m feeling way too devious, tonight…and laughing a lot…

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