Teenager jailed for naming victims of her brother’s sexual abuse on Facebook in landmark case…

Date: June 19, 2018

01) Teenager jailed for naming victims of her brother’s sexual abuse on Facebook in landmark case

“Attorney General warns that ‘anyone can face prosecution’ for violating victims’ right to anonymity online…

A teenager who named victims of her brother’s sexual abuse on Facebook has been jailed in a landmark case.

Sophie Turner, 19, broke the law by identifying two girls protected by lifetime anonymity in hate-filled posts.

She was sentenced to 18 weeks’ imprisonment in a young offenders’ institution after being convicted for two counts of publishing the names of victims of a sexual offence and two counts of harassment.

Liverpool Magistrates Court heard that Turner, of Old Swan, posted the victims’ names on the Facebook page of the Liverpool Echo and wrote further posts when the first was deleted.

The attorney general gave permission for the prosecution to be brought, with a judge warning that laws drawn up for newspapers were being violated on social media.

A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office said: “Publishing the names of sexual assault complainants is against the law in England and Wales. Whether it is in print or online, anyone doing so can face prosecution.

Detective Inspector Jacky Fitzpatrick, of Merseyside Police, said the naming of sex assault victims “will not be tolerated under any circumstances”.”

What do you even say to this?

I’m not sure of the evidence in this specific situation…so, I wont comment on that…

…But what happens when you’re falsely accused and wrongly convicted?…

…Neither you nor your family, nor anyone else, can point out what someone else has done to you?…

It’s a crime to go to the public, and alert them of the crime that’s been committed against you?

Obviously…this sister believes the facts of the case against her brother are distorted, at the very least.

I can only imagine what it is like…to watch a family member [or close friend] go through this, and be forced into silence by a draconian law like this.

2 thoughts on “Teenager jailed for naming victims of her brother’s sexual abuse on Facebook in landmark case…

  1. Serf

    Any time the government seeks to suppress information about a past court proceeding, whether it’s the details of the accusation or the names of the accusers or anything else, citizens no longer live in a democracy, because the public has lost not merely oversight of the judiciary, but even the possibility of such oversight, and cannot therefore cause change in response to corruption. It strikes right at the heart of what it means to consent to be governed, rather than to be subject to tyranny.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I’ve always said, that this dirty war is fundamentally political…And they will use dirty, political moves to assault any part of the population they want.


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