O [2006]…


Date: June 20, 2018

01) [ O ][2006]

“Two people are standing in the middle of a desert, which once has been the bottom of the largest river of the world; they are looking for water.
They discover a point, being the basis of a line. During the process of their search for water, they are creating the concept of time, whereby lines inherently are being connected with it. Time is getting scarce. Speed. In what way can lines play a role in increasing speed?
Human creature shapes lines. From now on, line structures are subjected to logics and technology, as a base for the creation of his society. Points are being connected to each other, as straight as possible, as a clear conclusion. From now on, lines are guiding human being at an ever increasing velocity. An obsessed striving for rectilinearity, not knowing he is also part of a cycle.
The human being is offered a present in the form of beauty. For the first time, he discovers the curved line, sensual. He is getting aware of the sense of feeling admiration, in order to eventually return to the stream he had been looking for, the stream in its smallest unit, in its most pure form and floating in an endlessness. A drop.
As a point.”

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2 thoughts on “O [2006]…

  1. feinmann0

    OMG, I am in love with young nakedness. To think one might be imprisoned for being in possession of stills of the young boys on display in this film, or of stills of the naked and aroused prepubescent boy in Barnens Ö or the naked and aroused boy in Novecento or the naked boys in Los Rechazados, etc., etc., etc. What a harsh prison we are forced to inhabit, whose rules deny us the right to function as free and loving human beings.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Totally agree…

      If someone is offended by these beautiful boys [was there a girl in there, also?]…there’s something morally off about them.

      These kids are the pinnacle of beauty, in my opinion.

      Normally I avoid sharing content with full blown nudity in it…but, this is an art house kind of film, with a deeper message to it, to contemplate…It’s clearly not child porn.

      …And Barnens Ö should never be considered child porn, despite that it is in a few “western” countries.

      I’m glad you liked this…

      I already had the post put together for this, prior to discovering there’d be dangling bits in it…But, I decided to go ahead and post it…see what happened…

      I don’t intend on doing this a lot. 🙂


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