“Fantasists”: A Practical Question…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) Star teacher cleared after tribunal finds ‘fantasist’ pupil invented tales of sex sessions dressed as a policewoman in thigh-high stockings – but his career is left in tatters

“An award-winning teacher has been cleared of sexual abuse after an employment tribunal found that a ‘fantasist’ pupil invented tales of sex session dressed as a policewoman – but his career has been left in tatters.

Maths teacher Alex Cufflin, 43, won the Guardian Secondary Teacher of the Year award in 2008. He now runs a furnishings shop in Loughborough after being sacked over claims he groped a girl, 17, dressed as a policewoman in thigh-high stockings.

In April 2016 Cufflin was cleared at Leicester Crown Court of any criminal charges. But he had already been dismissed from his job at Rawlins Academy in Loughborough after an ‘internal enquiry’.

Today a misconduct tribunal cleared him of any wrongdoing.”

How does this “fantasist” thing that seems to be growing in popularity, jive with the heavy surge from “victims groups”, demanding to be automatically believed in their accusations?

It’s already well established, that a not inconsequential portion of legal complaints are straight out lies…and an even larger portion are found to be unsubstantiated…In the latter, it may be a lie…it may be a misunderstood accident…it may be a simple misunderstanding…the accuser might be mentally ill and hallucinating things…

In these cases…the clear victim is the accused…

Amazingly…they’ve come up with a name, for people who knowingly go to the police, the press, etc…with complaints of “sexual assault”, knowing full and well that it never happened…”fantasist”…

I have no qualms about people who write fictional stories about others, who make it clear that the story is fiction…

…but when people file a complaint with the cops, or pass off their story as “true” to the press?…

…What are we to make of this?…

…Why should self professed “victims” be believed, when there remains an absence of substantiation towards their claims?

This is a practical, social issue…not something we can allow emotion to hijack.

2 thoughts on ““Fantasists”: A Practical Question…

  1. feinmann0

    I have commented on this phenomenon at OLF several times before. I mentioned that UK law enforcement, specifically the Crown Prosecution Service from 2008 onwards, was the main catalyst for engineering and promoting the sexual abuse holocaust, and legitimising and rewarding accusers in the courts.

    The parallel between Keir Starmer (head of the CPS between 2008 and 2013) and Victor Frankenstein are remarkable. Both created a hideous and gigantic creature that in its infinite need for revenge, wreaks untold havoc across society. Starmer’s monster-creation recipe included the following mantras:
    • accusers of sexual abuse are to be believed; false accusations are exceedingly rare.
    • victims of sexual abuse are to be encouraged to come forward
    • accusers of sexual abuse are to be given anonymity for life
    • accusers of sexual abuse are to be compensated for their pain
    • all cases of historic sexual abuse are to be prosecuted
    • accusers of sexual abuse need not offer any evidence other than their story
    • false accusations of sexual abuse are exceedingly rare.

    Naturally, in creating such a dystopian monster, those who have all the power opened the flood-gates to “fantasists” within society only to willing to exploit the benefits that legitimate corruption brings. Such “fantasists” undoubtedly comprise: compensation seekers, life’s failures that envy success, spurned women, individuals mis-remembering events, infatuated schoolgirls, feminist-empowered individuals, etc. It doesn’t matter; the fantasist has nothing to lose and the money is there for the taking …

    Not just this; law enforcement also benefits hugely from increased resources (aka power-base) to cope with the sudden epidemic of present-day and historic sexual abuse investigations and prosecutions. And all the while stoking the fires of the devil’s work is the media, oiling the monster’s machinery with salacious headlines to keep the whole edifice moving; after all, nothing sells better than sexual scandal – the more schadenfreude, the more society is likely to lap it up, the more copy will sell. Not just the media, but children charity groups also, willing to inflate statistics to demonstrate to a gullible public, just how ENORMOUS the problem of sexual abuse truly is.

    Follow the money …

    On the topic of the rarity of false sexual abuse allegations in the UK, see criticathink.wordpress.com which lists 120 such “fantasist” cases, the 120th being the Alex Cufflin false sexual abuse allegation Steve discusses above.


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