Fight Against the CREEPER Act…

Date: June 22, 2018

01) Does Congress Care More About Dolls Than Real Children?

“Never before has the United States Congress specifically banned a sex toy. But for the first time, the CREEPER Act will do exactly that.

Although aimed at protecting children, the bill could do the opposite, by criminalizing what experts believe could be a possible harmless outlet for those with sexual interests in children. It would also open the door to Congress stepping in to regulate other private, consensual sexual acts between adults.

CREEPER has already passed the House. It’s vital that we stop it in the Senate. Write to your representative today.”

2 thoughts on “Fight Against the CREEPER Act…

  1. Yure

    I’m glad people are waking up to the fact that government doesn’t care about children! They are just trying to make our lives hell by disabling means of sexual expression. I hope they step back on the ban on several other typically “pedophillic” outlets that involve no real children whatsoever. The state may stifle fantasy, but can’t stifle reality and, by making fantasy unavailable, they only make reality impose itself as the only path to sexual gratification.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      This may sound cynical…But I suspect this is just a continuation, of making previously legal, harmless things illegal…so as to force MAPs into an unaware state of criminality.

      If they cant get you for doing anything illegal…then find out what you are likely to be doing, and write a law against that…

      At some point in time, you won’t be able to do anything at all, without them declaring it “a crime”.

      I’m with you, however…and glad that “normal” people are standing up against this…

      It completely obliterates all lines, which make any sex toys legal…or anything that gives suspicions, of a certain type of sexual excitement, for that matter.

      The law is indefensibly unconstitutional…but, since they’ve set it up as attacking “pedophiles”…it will probably pass into law…

      The courts will have to hash this out…

      …I just wonder if the courts have the nerve and will, to rule against the sexual freedoms of the majority, just to stick it to “pedophiles”.

      We are living in sad, pathetic times…where the monsters have enslaved the lovers and the kind.


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