Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES…

Date: June 30, 2018

01) Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES meaning he may have to wait until next year for case to be heard amid claims he ‘assaulted nine teenage boys in the 1970s and 80s’

“The trial of former DJ Jonathan King for historical sex offences collapsed today” 27th June “and he may have to wait until next year to find out if he faces a retrial.”

Jonathan King, 73, who discovered the progressive rock group Genesis, wrote and produced hits for The Bay City Rollers and became famous following hits including ‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’ and ‘Una Paloma Blanca’, “denies 17 charges of indecent assault and seven other sex charges relating to males aged between 16 and 21”

The term collapsed implies that the jury were discharged and the prosecution was abandoned. This thread on Jonathan’s website:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,view/catid,2/id,178656

I don’t actually encounter a thread at that URL…But, thanks for this update feinmann0!

How much more can they put Jonathan through?…and why in the hell are they even doing this?

I swear…he’s a modern day Oscar Wilde of sorts…And the people menacing him, likely don’t even comprehend why.

6 thoughts on “Former DJ Jonathan King’s sex assault trial COLLAPSES…

  1. feinmann0

    Placing a forward slash at the end of the link seems to work, my apologies for the confusion:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,view/catid,2/id,178656/

    “why in the hell are they even doing this?” Because “they”, the UK establishment, revels in the age-old tradition of gay-bashing plus it has always bitterly resented the pop-industry overturning traditional conservative values. Jonathan King, Jimmy Savile (posthumously) and Cliff Richard, etc., etc., etc. have all become front-line victims of the establishment’s long-standing displeasure – each one of these abominable characters is totemic of the rotten core of humanity that threatens to overthrow an unimpeachable establishment.

    That false accusers are rewarded and not prosecuted for telling lies, plus the anonymity bestowed upon them for life, tells you all you need to know about the way due process has been distorted to exercise the establishment’s seething resentment. In each case, their accusers have benefited, or stand to benefit, sizeable financial handouts for the abuse they are alleged to have suffered at the hands of such ‘evil’ men; after all, if the police employ the mantra: those claiming to have been sexual abused must be believed, what does the false accuser have to lose?

    UK society, UK media and the UK legal system has not for the first time become utterly dystopian in the way that it functions.

  2. feinmann0

    Allied to Jonathan King’s continuing nightmare, is a further story of false allegation well told by the victim: Richard Holden, former Special Adviser and former Deputy Head of Press for the UK’s Conservative Party.

    The first link relates his experience at the hands of his accuser, the media and the criminal justice system. The second link spells out the reforms that he feels need to be applied to prevent similar miscarriages of justice:

  3. feinmann0

    Guilty by Jonathan King (book available in a week’s time; also Kindle/eBook available today)

    For 18 years Jonathan King has fought the False Allegations Industry – with very little success until the Summer of 2018. An incredible tale worth reading.


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