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Het Capitool over pedofilie (1987)…


Date: July 31, 2018

01) Het Capitool over pedofilie (1987)

“Uitzending met als gasten
– Edward Brongersma (ex-senator PvdA)
– Yvonne Keuls (schrijfster)
– Theo Sandfort (psycholoog)
– Marjan Wijers (Kindertelefoon)

Gespreksleider: Pieter de Vink”

I cannot understand any of this…But I had to share this, anyway…

…The manner and personal composure of this dialogue, is just wonderful…It’s almost tranquil…

…And to think…they’re discussing pedophilia…and nobody is spazzing out…

This is a good example, of how dialogues on pedophilia should be.

My goodness!…They even smile in the direction of Dr. Brongersma…


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Waking Up with Sam Harris #134 – Beyond the Politics of Race (with Coleman Hughes)…

Date: July 31, 2018

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #134 – Beyond the Politics of Race (with Coleman Hughes)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Coleman Hughes about race, racism, and identity politics.

Coleman Hughes is an undergraduate philosophy major at Columbia University. His writing has been featured in Quillette, Heterodox Academy, and in the Columbia Daily Spectator.


Age Of Consent in China – 12 and 24 Year Old Together?!…

Date: July 30, 2018

01) Age Of Consent in China – 12 and 24 Year Old Together?!

“Miki Akama and Zhang Muyi fell in love when she was just 12, and he was 24. Now they are getting married, 6 years later. The Chinese internet like Weibo is a buzz with serious debate on age of consent, and whether or not this is ok, with about half of the netizens saying that it is horrible, and should be illegal, with the other half championing their love. Today, we discuss this topic, and wonder what you guys think as well!”

Seems really sweet, to me.

Why crush something beautiful, in this world?

When people see others happy, and they want to kill it…it’s like…Jesus Christ…

…What in the hell is this world even good for, if the very expression of love cannot survive in it?

Idaho priest’s home gets exorcism following child porn arrest…

Date: July 30, 2018

01) Idaho priest’s home gets exorcism following child porn arrest

Thanks to feinmann0!

Community Submitted

“An Idaho priest has been evicted from his home while he awaits trial for possession of child pornography — but the Diocese of Boise has wasted no time in having an exorcist, along with a ten-person prayer team, pray over his former house and selling it off.

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church: ‘When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the Evil One and withdrawn from his dominion, it is called exorcism.'”

This is just pathetic ignorance…

…I’m pretty certain, “Child Porn” is far more sacred and holy, than the bible ever could be.

The Right Weaponized Social Justice Rules Against the Left…

Date: July 29, 2018

01) The Right Weaponized Social Justice Rules Against the Left

“James Gunn was fired based on rules created by the far left. The right, like Mike Cernovich, is wielding moral outrage mobs against the establishment and many people feel it is in bad faith. In many instances the right is actually directing left wing social justice mobs against themselves, its not even just the tactic its actually the left eating its own

But regardless of the intention the rules work. The moral outrage mob will consume anyone for any transgression and it has affected people on both sides. Offensive comedy is not allowed anymore and because of it people like Gunn are fired for saying things online.

So is this really about James Gunn saying the wrong thing? Or is this right wing personalities like Cernovich and Posobiec wielding the left’s own rules against itself?”

“Offensive Tweets”…

…And Old “Offensive Tweets”, at that…

This nonsense of moral outrage, needs to cease and desist…

Forcing the enemy to live by it’s own standards?…

I understand the sentiment…

…I also understand, that people immediately behind this nonsense who end up being hypocrites…deserve to fall on their own sword…It’s poetic justice…

I still don’t like this behavior, any more…no matter who is behind it.

As far as I am concerned…you cross that line…you step into the fray with SJWs, who ban together to commit this B.S.

Nobody should be doing this sort of underhanded, sleazy and malicious thing…

…That’s the ethical standard, which I stand with.

Dem Elites Hold Private Meeting to Plot Against Bernie Sanders in 2020…

Date: July 29, 2018

01) Dem Elites Hold Private Meeting to Plot Against Bernie Sanders in 2020


Western Sharia Police…


Date: July 29, 2018

01) Western Sharia Police

“Police forces across the Western world protect Islam over the rights of Western citizens. This cannot continue, Muslims must learn to accept criticism of Islam.”

Not a fan of all the people featured…But, this issue is relevant, I think.

No religious people should be so defensive [or offensive], that only other people of their religion can safely approach them.

No religion is above critical commentary.


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