Konrad or the Child out of the Tin (1983)…


Date: July 04, 2018

01) Konrad oder Das Kind aus der Konservenbüchse – Konrad or the Child out of the Tin (1983)

“8 Languages Subtitles in Settings! The movie Konrad or the Child out of the Tin is based loosely on the children’s book Konrad oder das Kind aus der Konservenbüchse (Konrad ou a criança fora da lata 1975) by Austrian author Christine Nöstlinger. The book Konrad ou l’enfant hors de l’étain was awarded the Mildred L. Batchelder award from the American Library Association in 1979.”

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2 thoughts on “Konrad or the Child out of the Tin (1983)…

  1. feinmann0

    I wonder how this film compares with the US version made two years later. Probably inferior – from a bl perspective – as was the US version of Lord of the Flies compared with the original UK version. Predictably, no reviews for the German version on IMDB, but plenty for the US version.

    Daniel Thorbecke quite simply an angel as the canned boy, Konrad, and, likely younger by a few years than Huckleberry Fox, the canned boy in the later film.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I didn’t know about the US version…

      Apparently, PBS had a Wonderworks version of it…which one should expect to be fairly tacky, and low budget…

      If you can take the goofballs trying to do their own version of “mystery science theater 2000 [3000?]”…we can compare Huckleberry’s arrival here:


      To be entirely fair…it is not at all clear, that he is wearing anything while standing in that [very large] can…Much to their credit, they didn’t make him fully clothed…and the shot goes down quite low…something that would be considered risqué, by todays US Taliban standards…

      Despite that I’d have loved to see a literal repetition of the original…I’m still thrilled to have found this…though, now I want a HD version.

      You have no idea, just how passionately hard I fell for Huckleberry Fox, back in the day…He was one of my first celebrity crushes, when I was a boy…

      …This is literally the first time I am seeing this much of him…

      …My goodness!

      If I was given Huckleberry Fox, naked in a can as a gift…that would have been the best Christmas…birthday…happy horny day…or whatever…of my entire life…and probably his, also…I’d have loved him so much…He was a fantasy hottie, for me.

      I love Daniel Thorbecke, here…He is simply perfect…But I have a very old, long standing adoration of Huckleberry Fox…Which makes this more conservative re-shooting of a scene, every bit as alluring to me.

      In some way…this movie reminds me of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.

      Now I’m debating on whether or not I want to download a copy of this, or try to find a better copy of it…

      …I don’t like the way these kinds of YouTubers degrade movies and shows, by polluting them with their diatribe…but it’s hard to tell, if or when I’ll come across another copy…I’ll do some searching.


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