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Are Jordan Peterson Fans a Cult?…


Date: July 05, 2018

01) Are Jordan Peterson Fans a Cult?

“Jordan Peterson fans are often fanatical, but are they a cult? In speaking out against supposed neo-marxists and post-modernists, writing 12 Rules for Life, speaking against mainstream feminism, and launching his Biblical Series, Peterson has gained a cult-like following. Can this fan base be compared to Scientologists or Jehovah’s Witnesses? Let’s find out.


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BITE Model

I cant speak for all fans of Jordan Peterson…I do, however, agree with one of the commentators, who points out that Jordan arose out of a very real social conflict that has been simmering just under the surface…one which exploded into total craziness, and demanded that voices of reason respond to it.

To that extent…Jordan filled a necessary role…

…Is he perfect?…no…

…And speaking as somebody who did not expect him to be…I am fine with the fact, that he’s not perfect…It’s not as though I’m buying into an entire life philosophy served up by Jordan, just because I have a strong appreciation for what he’s done, standing up against political correctness gone tyrannical dominator, over the past year.

It’s high time somebody actually did stand up to such abusive people…And if anybody is especially troubled by the fact that Jordan is in the mix of that resistance…maybe it’s a sign, that such troubled people need to get themselves out there…and start personally representing the things they perceive as lacking [in the situation or in Jordan]…

I don’t see an articulate person pushing back against abusive tyranny, as being a problem…

Maybe, he has some hard core fans who are crazy…I don’t know…I don’t pay any attention to them…I just know that I like what I’ve seen, where it comes to standing up to the political correctness…

…Beyond that…of course…people are perfectly free, to assess other things expressed by Jordan…And maybe, some of them have proven to be unsound…

…The chips will fall where they fall.

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