Prisoners of War Betrayed…


Date: July 06, 2018

01) Prisoners of War Betrayed

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2 thoughts on “Prisoners of War Betrayed…

  1. feinmann0

    Beyond shocking … The Red Cross, of all agencies, refusing to release the data they have in their possession detailing the many, many prisoners of war held long after wars have finished. And no-one seems to care that their very own governments advise families of the prisoners held captive in foreign lands for so long, that it would be better to consider their soldier-sons dead rather than to seek information about their fate.

    Shame on the US and its allies, yet again, for displaying such colossal inhumanity.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Shame on the US and its allies, yet again, for displaying such colossal inhumanity.”

      I was thinking of making a 4th of July post…I always do, every year…Maybe I’ll sneak it in, back dated…eventually…

      …I’ve been working a lot…and it snuck by…Plus, encountering this kind of soured me on it…I’m a war vet, myself…

      …I’m tired of “celebrating” this inhumane police state…

      …Truth be told…I do the 4th of July thing, more in hope of what this place could be…than for what it is.

      …What it is…is just sad…and tragic.


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