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Factors associated with early deaths following neonatal male circumcision in the United States, 2001-2010…

Date: July 09, 2018

01) Factors associated with early deaths following neonatal male circumcision in the United States, 2001-2010

“Factors Associated with Early Deaths Following Neonatal Male Circumcision in the United States, 2001-2010. Authors: Brian D. Earp, Veerajalandhar Allareddy, Veerasathpurush Allareddy, Alexandre T. Rotta (in press). Online version ahead of print at



“We sought to quantify early deaths following neonatal circumcision (same hospital admission) and to identify factors associated with such mortality. We performed a retrospective analysis of all infants who underwent circumcision in an inpatient hospital setting during the first 30 days of life from 2001-2010 using the National Inpatient Sample. Over 10 years, 200 early deaths were recorded among 9,899,110 subjects (1 death per 49,166 circumcisions). Note: this figure should not be interpreted as causal but correlational: it may include both under-counting and over-counting of deaths attributable to circumcision. Compared to survivors, subjects who died following newborn circumcision were more likely to have associated co-morbid conditions, such as cardiac disease, coagulopathy, fluid and electrolyte disorders, or pulmonary circulatory disorders. Recognizing these factors could inform clinical and parental decisions, potentially reducing associated risks.”

Abstract from a second paper entitled Lost Boys, An Estimate of U.S. Circumcision-Related Infant Deaths by Dan Bollinger, dated 7 December 2017,


“Baby boys can and do succumb as a result of having their foreskin removed. Circumcision-related mortality rates are not known with certainty; this study estimates the scale of this problem. This study finds that approximately 117 neonatal circumcision-related deaths (9.01/100,000) occur annually in the United States, about 1.3% of male neonatal deaths from all causes. Because infant circumcision is elective, all of these deaths are avoidable. This study also identifies reasons why accurate data on these deaths are not available, some of the obstacles to preventing these deaths, and some solutions to overcome them.”

The Bollinger paper goes on to say that: “Medical associations fail to warn parents of the very real risk of death from circumcision. Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics, nor the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, nor the American Medical Association mentions death as a possible outcome of the surgery in their policy statements on circumcision. The American Academy of Family Physicians statement says death is possible, but (according to this study’s findings) significantly under-reports the risk as 1/500,000.”

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Failing to inform that death is possible…Isn’t that some type of malpractice?

Oh dear, another male-hating underage-girl-sexual-abuse crusader…

Date: July 09, 2018

01) The Health Risks of Maturing Early

“Researchers agree that it’s important not to catastrophise about early sexual development in and of itself. The problem isn’t that a girl’s body is changing. It’s society’s response to it. As a result, they say we should think about how we might support girls and their families best, and as Roberts puts it, ‘contest the sexist cultures that may turn puberty into a disturbing experience’.

Skoog believes the answer lies in the development of social and emotional learning programmes that teach core sexual education principles and concepts like social awareness, empathic ability, and impulse control. This could be a part of future intervention efforts, and used for policy aimed at reducing the risk of sexual harassment for all adolescents, including early-maturing girls.

We need to ‘increase socially respectful behaviour and the understanding that neither a sexual appearance nor sexual activities mean that girls or women are positive [about] or open to any kind of sexual advances.’

Only by creating an environment of zero tolerance can we make a stand against the pervasiveness of sexual harassment – including when it affects children.”

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…This article really piles on the suggestions of ill consequence…and downplays the possibility that a girl might aggressively go after sex…

I’ve known such a girl…

…She got ahold of me…most notably between my legs, and without invitation…when I was twelve years old…

…I can tell you, without any doubt at all…that she would have “raped” me, had I let her.

Allegedly…the girl I knew “does not exist”…according to the social engineers…

…I think a lot of us knew such girls, however.

You don’t think of girls as being the sexual aggressors…and it was a mind trip for me, to experience that…It changed my perception…not just on girls sexuality…but on early life sexuality, of children…

I’m reminded of a Judith Levine speech…where she’s talking about young teens who were having sex [possibly group sex]…where only the boys got charged with statutory rape, while the girls were treated as the victims…And she said something to the effect, that if you knew anything about power balances and teenage girls…the girls often did wield power over the boys.

…She is absolutely right.

…Being male, does not mean that you automatically have the upper hand…nor that you are the leader, who sets the course of things.

The Quest – a.k.a. Frog Dreaming…


Date: July 09, 2018

01) The Quest [1986] Frog Dreaming – Henry Thomas – Tony Barry – Lake Monster

“Cody, a rebellious but clever boy, finds himself on an exciting journey to discover the whereabouts of local legend, the Donkegin.”

Over the years, and frankly, at the original time…I got this movie confused with Quest…a movie in which Noah Hathaway had a small part.

It seems like I remember seeing him on the VHS box cover for the movie…but I never actually got to see the movie…

I loved both of these boy actors…and wanted to watch this movie…

In all fairness…it was a somewhat cartoonish drawing of the boy on the cover…so…It’s probably forgivable, that I wasn’t entirely sure which boy it was supposed to be…He was wearing a hat, too.

frontier_matinee_sb_archiveM.A. Net

Brendan Dassey and the SCOTUS Sucker Punch…

Date: July 08, 2018

01) Brendan Dassey and the SCOTUS Sucker Punch

“What I can say is it seems that coerced confessions from minors almost seems to be an epidemic these days. Also epidemic appears to be the various interpretations of the same laws by different judges. Tomato/tomahto type ruling is convicting some kids while freeing others. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of uniformity, for want of a better term. Brendan Dassey could have changed all that. A ruling from SCOTUS, whether for or against Dassey could have smoothed the way for countless others. Clarification alone would have been a huge step in the right direction.”

Police ordered to hunt the paedophile hunters in crackdown on vigilante groups snaring abusers…


Date: July 08, 2018

01) Police ordered to hunt the paedophile hunters in crackdown on vigilante groups snaring abusers

“It follows a wave of violence and suicides in the wake of amateur investigations.

National police chiefs have ordered local forces to crackdown hard on vigilante groups who track down suspected paedophiles.

The guidance tells officers not only not to work with groups who are trying to catch potential child predators – but to pursue them with the full force of the law.

Officers have been told to investigate potential harassment, privacy and violent offences committed by the vigilante groups, as well as those they accuse of child grooming.

The Times reports that the internal guidance was issued to detectives last year, and warns officers that vigilante groups have “little or no consideration” for the safeguarding requirements of victims of the paedophiles they have outed.

Police are reportedly concerned after an explosion in the number of amateur groups who are targeting child abusers.

Across the UK 75 groups, with names such as Dark Justice and The Hunted one and Plymouth Against Paedophiles, scour the internet in search of potential child rapists.

In November last year, Devon and Cornwall Police raised concern with a paedophile hunter from Ivybridge and asked him to stop undertaking “entrapment activities”.

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