Police ordered to hunt the paedophile hunters in crackdown on vigilante groups snaring abusers…


Date: July 08, 2018

01) Police ordered to hunt the paedophile hunters in crackdown on vigilante groups snaring abusers

“It follows a wave of violence and suicides in the wake of amateur investigations.

National police chiefs have ordered local forces to crackdown hard on vigilante groups who track down suspected paedophiles.

The guidance tells officers not only not to work with groups who are trying to catch potential child predators – but to pursue them with the full force of the law.

Officers have been told to investigate potential harassment, privacy and violent offences committed by the vigilante groups, as well as those they accuse of child grooming.

The Times reports that the internal guidance was issued to detectives last year, and warns officers that vigilante groups have “little or no consideration” for the safeguarding requirements of victims of the paedophiles they have outed.

Police are reportedly concerned after an explosion in the number of amateur groups who are targeting child abusers.

Across the UK 75 groups, with names such as Dark Justice and The Hunted one and Plymouth Against Paedophiles, scour the internet in search of potential child rapists.

In November last year, Devon and Cornwall Police raised concern with a paedophile hunter from Ivybridge and asked him to stop undertaking “entrapment activities”.

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