How Government Caused ‘the Boy Crisis’…

Date: July 11, 2018

01) How Government Caused ‘the Boy Crisis’

“Author Warren Farrell says welfare programs encouraged fatherless households.

Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis, was once associated with the feminist movement. Then he changed his views. “I don’t agree with the part of feminism that says, ‘Men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed,'” Farrell tells Maxim Lott, a senior producer of Stossel on Reason.

For example, men die five years earlier than women, have more dangerous jobs, and are often passed over for custody. Boys are two times more likely than girls to commit suicide. Boys are 29 percent less likely to get a college degree than girls.

So why do men earn more and have more influence in government and business? A big reason, Farrell argues, is that men are filling social expectations to become the family breadwinner.

“Our dads and our grandpas, they made sacrifices…to make more money, and then the feminist movement turned all of that sacrifice on the part of men against men,” Farrell says.

Both sexes struggle, but Farrell thinks the feminist movement’s single-sided focus on women’s inequalities has led to an atmosphere that harms boys. A dramatic increase in fatherless households—which Farrell believes is largely responsible for boys’ problems—goes ignored.

Study after study finds that having both a mother and father is best, at least for straight families. (Gay families may do just as well; Farrell notes that the overall evidence is inconclusive.) “Even when we control for the amount of money a father and mother earn, children with dads still do much better,” Farrell notes.

The rate of fatherless households has increased partly because of welfare programs that “tear the family apart by giving the money to mothers when fathers are absent,” Farrell argues, “and not giving money to mothers when fathers are present.”

Why would fatherless households hurt boys more than girls? “Boys tend to not have as many skills at developing friendships, at developing emotional connections,” Farrell says. “So when the family connection breaks apart, it affects them more profoundly than it does their sisters.”

Farrell says fathers are critical for several non-intuitive reasons. One is roughhousing, which teaches kids boundaries. Fathers roughhouse more than mothers, and when they do, “the father is creating a bond with the child, so the children don’t mind discipline….The discipline is the price they pay for more fun with dad.”

Many people think that mothers tend to be better parents because women are, on average, more empathetic and pay more attention to a child’s needs. But Farrell says this by itself is not enough, because “an empathetic parent does not create an empathetic child. An empathetic parent is someone who’s always thinking of the children’s needs, which teaches the children to always have his or her needs thought of.”

Requiring a child to think of others’ needs is what actually build empathy, Farrell says.

Finally, Farrell says that mothers are more likely to express their love for a child by doing things like homework for the kid. They’re more likely to engage in “helicopter parenting,” which leads to overly dependent kids.

What’s the solution to “the Boy Crisis”? Farrell says that society should offer more respect to men who focus on fathering rather than career success. He wishes there were more men in classrooms, and that schools would bring back things like recess.

The views expressed in this video are solely those of John Stossel, his independent production company, Stossel Productions, and the people he interviews. The claims and opinions set forth in the video and accompanying text are not necessarily those of Reason.”

While being on welfare isn’t exactly the best thing possible…I’d go a step further, and say that allowing real wages to stagnate for the last fifty plus years, has driven masses of the population onto welfare…and contributed to breaking up families, from the relentless financial stress.

Welfare is a good thing…a third [or more?] of the country on welfare at the same time, and for prolonged periods of time, is not a good thing…

…But if there’s nothing out there, allowing this massive chunk of the nation to get off welfare…then what can be expected?

A few presidential elections back…I think it was George W. Bush…I distinctly remember one of the slogans being, “It’s the economy, stupid!”…

…And more than a decade later…it’s still the fundamentals of the economy…They’ve never been addressed…unbelievably…not even after a massive, economical meltdown that destroyed the housing market…

…A thinking person might be inclined to believe…that someone is intentionally trying to destroy the common population.

This is the insanity, which honestly did bring us President Trump…Decades of derelict politicians, who refuse to change course…even when it’s obvious, something different needs to be done.

…A lot of people fell for the dupe…that electing Trump would really mess with the system, and scare the establishment with a display that “we mean business”…

…While Trump was just waiting to get in, and default on his promises.

As to other points in this video…

…I don’t mourn the decline of the nuclear family…

…Based on my experience, and further witnessing, of it…it’s not “all that”, folks…

Granted…it probably distorted things a lot, that 90% of the families I interacted with growing up, were deeply involved with the church…and chasing after an unrealistic, “Christian family” persona…

…A little secret for outsiders [and the many unaware church insiders, too]…

…If dad, or mom, are a natural born a-hole…”getting saved”, joining a church, being baptized, singing hymns and crying out “amen!”…does absolutely nothing, in stopping them from being an a-hole…

…They normally just become an a-hole, who puts on a massive act, during that three or four hours a week while they are in church…so that other church members can get a certain impression of them…and you forever get subjected to comments about “what a lovely person your [a-hole] dad/mom is”…which you are then, expected to agree with…

…Meanwhile…you, knowing the full bloody truth in silence…have lost all respect for the two faced, a-hole hypocrite…spending much of your life wanting to smack them upside the head, because their act is such a lie…and it makes you sick…

Uh oh!…Sorry about some “daddy issues” slipping out…Oops!

That point aside [and ignoring that this clip cites Doctor Shill (aka Phil)]…Of course, men should be in the lives of children…and the diversity of male and female child raising, is highly important.

You don’t have to be around mom and dad, all the time…but there should be both females and males in a child’s life, in a substantial way…on a private life level.

Lastly…I think the point about men also being saddled by the so called “patriarchy”, is a good one…and extremely under appreciated…

…A lot of males hate, what we have historically been subjected too…and males have paid a heavy toll for it…This has not been oppression, originating from us…And most males do not deserve any blame for it.

Now…we have women being forced into the workforce…and they’re learning just how badly the system sucks, too…

…I think an extremely dirty trick has been played on females, in all of this.

3 thoughts on “How Government Caused ‘the Boy Crisis’…

  1. feinmann0

    “He wishes there were more men in classrooms, and that schools would bring back things like recess.”

    How super ironic. This guy once associated himself with the very movement that wages war against men and boys, and he now wishes there were more fathers and male teachers in boys lives … and he blames it on the Government! Too late pal; the damage has already been done.

    “The rate of fatherless households has increased partly because of welfare programs …”

    No. I don’t accept this. Fatherless households have increased dramatically because women have become sufficiently empowered and encouraged to raise their family solo; fathers are redundant. The culture has promoted this view by rejecting the institution of marriage and thus the role of the father. The eradication of the father figure from boys lives across the Anglosphere has been one of the major global crimes of the past forty plus years.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “The eradication of the father figure from boys lives across the Anglosphere has been one of the major global crimes of the past forty plus years.”


  2. feinmann0

    Just to underline why I believe it is the mother making poor life choices rather than government handout that is to blame for absent fathers and thus impoverished boys. In the UK two million families are single parent ones. This equates to 25% of all families with dependent children. In the UK all parents are entitled to claim child benefit. Child benefit is £20.30 a week for the first child and £13.40 a week for subsequent children; this is a function of number of children, not parent dynamics. There is also income support for low UK wage earners, but this is more a function of earnings and savings, rather than parent number.

    To say that the government is responsible for the boy crisis, is quite frankly disingenuous. As I see it, Warren Farrell is a cheerleader of third wave feminism – blame anyone other than themselves for their woes.


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