Snopes: ‘MAPs Pride Flag’…

Date: July 15, 2018

01) Does This Image Represent a ‘MAPs Pride Flag’?

“Rumors holding that MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons) created a pride flag in an attempt to join the LGBTQ community originated with a troll experiment on Tumblr.”

5 thoughts on “Snopes: ‘MAPs Pride Flag’…

  1. Kinder

    Besides those colors don’t even begin to convey the requisite lust, social shame, and mandatory Toys “R” Us gift certificate hush money so essential to our community…

    *or so I’m told, hehe


  2. Yure

    I knew it. But golly gosh, was it a good troll. I hope people give less credit to those attempts from now on. That could actually reduce the hate towards us, if the hate is directed towards those deceivers.

  3. Rainbow

    The kind pride flag is the same rainbow flag as for all other sexual minorities. While gay people thought they owned it, trans people took it for themselves, on their way to discarding it for something more niche. The rainbow flag belongs to all sexual minorities, all people persecuted for reasons of sex, including those anyone here or at large may not like. There’s no need for any other.

  4. Anonymous

    Snopes needs a fact check.

    There’s a small but vocal group of users on Tumblr who have been using this flag as a symbol of “NOMAP” unity. These people are not “attempting to link pedophilia to the LGBTQ community”, but they are earnestly supporting “non-offending” MAPs. I don’t approve of everything they say, but I’m glad they’re spreading the message that attraction itself is harmless.

    The blog currently located at “” only goes back as far as July 6, and doesn’t appear to be the same person who created the flag. The Snopes writer takes this as evidence that the flag was a “troll experiment”, but it seems more likely that the original blog was deleted, or their account was hacked, and somebody else took over that URL.


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