Podcast from The Rabbit Hole: Totally Devoted – Gary Glitter…

Date: July 17, 2018

01) Podcast from The Rabbit Hole: Totally Devoted – Gary Glitter

“I know he was found guilty and admitted the child porn, but as for the other charges, I can’t just see that to be true (Claire)”

Thanks to feinmann0

Community Submitted

You cannot let outsiders, not even people who self identify as “victims”, dictate your life for you.

This guy supporting Garry Glitter [by attending his court trial] may “sound cold”…but it’s his personal prerogative, in his personal life…hence, his business to act as he sees most fit.

I also like some of Garry’s music…despite that I’m really only just discovering it.

You don’t just stop loving music, art, whatever…just because it’s source may have done something socially taboo…or even outright terrible…

Sinéad O’Connor has said some extremely nasty, ugly, volatile things about “pedophiles”…but I still love her rendition of “Nothing Compares to You”…I’ve even explored her music catalogue, to see if anything else sounds interesting enough to purchase…

I don’t know why anyone believes another person should have to apologize, for this sort of thing…

…That’s just insane.

Often times…pedophiles do make amazing, wonderful things in this world…There is no contradiction, that Gary could be all that he was…and his works still deserve to endure.

More power to the Garry Glitter fans!

4 thoughts on “Podcast from The Rabbit Hole: Totally Devoted – Gary Glitter…

  1. Yure

    I have no idea of who is the guy, tho. I remember reading Positive Memories and there was one account of a girl who had sex with an adult and, when the adult was arrested, she noticed that press was saying that he did a lot of things he did not. Like, if the person is a pedophile, people feel entitled to accuse him of whatever thing he did not do because no one cares about a pedophile’s image and no one respects a pedophile, rather than just treating an offending pedophile like any other criminal, reporting only what was done and encarcerating him only for crimes that he actually did and only if you can prove it. Talk about isonomy.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    “I have no idea of who is the guy, tho.”

    …Garry?…He was a rock musician, famous in the UK…in the general style of David Bowie, from what I’m told.

    The UK press crucified him, constantly, after his child porn conviction…and probably immediately after his arrest…in the nineties…and ever since…though the hatchet pieces are infrequent, anymore.

    I shared his final, unreleased album here.

    There’s three or four tracks on it, which are really quite good [it’s a shame, they’re not available for purchase, in professional high quality]…The rest of it, is totally listenable…

    …On average, it’s a good album.

    1. octaevius

      Yes. I liked Gary Glitter. Most sports fans who do not know the man will be familiar with many of his medley’s as they are heard at sports stadiums to this day.


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