The paedophile and the ring…


Date: July 18, 2018

There’s live footage of performed circumcisions on infant boys, in this video…with audio…It is gruesome…You’ve been warned…

01) The paedophile and the ring

“Inspired by the Channel 4 documentary: The paedophile next door. This is intended to highlight the double standards we have in society.

~Caution: Contains images some may find disturbing~”

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3 thoughts on “The paedophile and the ring…

  1. Yure

    And here I was, thinking that NSPCC was founded in, like, the eighties. I could not watch the circumcision parts, tho. And even pondered muting the sound.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I don’t blame you…I’m pretty sure I initially chose not to post this here, specifically because of the circumcision stuff…it is truly ghastly…

      It actually annoyed me that he put that in there…because the video is great, without it.

      I appreciate what he’s trying to do, however…I just think the rest of the content could have stood on it’s own…But, what do I know?…

      …It was David’s message…opposing the extreme contradiction.


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