Nathan Forrest Winters Exclusive Interview – “The Babysitter” Documentary…

Date: July 20, 2018

01) Nathan Forrest Winters Exclusive Interview – “The Babysitter” Documentary

“Exclusive interview getting into the mind of Nathan. Listen to him discuss past events, his original documentary, and future plans.

Help Nathan get the word out and bring awareness to the sick world of pedophiles in Hollywood. No more grooming and silencing! The more people that know, the quicker we can bring Hollywood’s sick, vile behavior to a halt.

The GoFundMe Page:

Backwards tracks, to represent “a pedophiles backwards idea of love”?…and “pedophiles are monsters”?…

There is certainly hyperbole in this interview…

What do you think?…

…The Victor Salva / Nathan Forest Winters case, isn’t really something I can say a whole lot about…as it’s always seemed shrouded.

Now, there’s an independent movie coming out.

“The Babysitter” New Film by Nathan Forrest Winters – Hollywood Pedophile Victim & Survivor:

I don’t know Victor Salva…nor his nature…So…maybe this was all something, that in a less hyperbolic, less stigmatic, less prohibitive culture, would have been nothing to cause alarm…

…Much of the struggle, after all…happens in a persons own head…as they try to reconcile their own experiences, with what the outside world says about them, and their experiences…

We’ll have to wait and see, what Nathan claims Victor did…and let that be vetted.

I want to know, how he believes he can put the viewer “into the view/mindset of the pedophile”.

…There’s an endless flow of people out there, who attempt to explain us…most of them, in an extremely lazy, dehumanizing way…

…And they virtually always get it grotesquely wrong.

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