Roaming Millennial…


Date: July 26, 2018

01) LGBTP: Pedos in the LGBT Movement?

“Ped*s are trying to mainstream and call themselves “virtuous.” With a new name and flag, they’ve tried to attach themselves to the Pride movement. Are we just being too harsh on them, or are they really as predatory as we think?”

Oh, how cute!…She pretends that she’s going to be at all fair, in her video description…Her actual diatribe is starkly different, however.

Here we have another person [it’s worth noting, a conservative] who has been duped by the “MAP flag”, and the recent rumor of “MAPs joining the LGBT”…

Had Roaming Millennial cared to do any research on this at all…we MAPs are fairly easy to find, and garner some insight from…but, apparently…no…

Pity…she could have spared herself the embarrassment, of displaying her own lack of integrity…One might imagine, she’d care more about such a thing…

I’m just going to point out a few things here…

1) Todd Nickerson has nothing to do with the “MAP flag”, nor the alleged “push to join the LGBT”.

In fact…Todd is amongst those of us, who were debunking and rejecting this myth.

…So, why is Roaming Millennial even including him in this video, and attempting to tie him into all of this?

An honest person would have looked into Todd, and would already know…this is not something he would even get behind.

2) The “MAP flag” is not a ratified symbol, of the larger MAP community.

The original source of this “MAP flag” is quite shrouded, and unclear.

There has been no established, long term presence of any MAP group, promoting and endorsing this “MAP flag”.

Nobody has reached out to the larger MAP community, with even so much as news of this “MAP flag”.

Many of us MAPs first learned of this alleged “MAP flag”, when it started turning up in the conservative rumor mill.

Potentially…there is an individual…or a small group of MAPs, who designed this to use as a symbol…in which case, this is their symbol…not a symbol adopted by the wider MAP community.

03) The MAP community has been plagued with agents of chaos.

From the bizarre “CLover Genders”, to “Heart Progress”…to “MAP’s joining the LGBT”…

…There has been a consistent push by bad actors from 4chan, to troll and cause havoc…exploiting the MAP community [and other minorities] as a catalyst to outrage the far right, and other gullible groups.

Presumably…they are attempting to start a war, amongst several groups…and they’re trying to work up the paranoid far right, into a rabid frenzy.

4) Established MAPs with a long track record, could have explained this.

If Roaming Millennial had bothered to approach us, and survey the MAPs she encountered…we could have informed her that this was a hoax, and that there is no plot for MAPs to join the LGBT…Most of us find such a notion to be ludicrous.

The LGBT has deep problems within it, which makes it incompatible with the MAP community.

5) “MAP” [Minor Attracted Person] is not “a rebranding”, nor is it new.

“MAP” primarily came out of the research and therapy fields, out of discussions with us MAPs on how best to accomplish research and therapy involving us.

It was not initially meant to be a widespread term.

“MAP” encompasses all demographics, who are sexually attracted to those deemed by the law to be “minors”…This includes nepiophiles, pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles…While there can be cross over, each is a fairly distinct orientation in it’s own right.

“MAP” was meant to be judgement neutral…because being part of any of these demographics, does not mean that you’ve ever done anything illegal or unethical. It only means that you have a certain type of sexual attraction.

Most people of conscience do not believe that it’s right, to persecute or punish people who’ve neither violated a law, nor done something unethical…nor for immutable characteristics, placed upon an individual by nature.

Most people of conscience, agree that we have a right to our own personal essence…to what biologically makes us who we are…so long as we are objectively harming nobody else…This includes our thoughts and expressions…and our associations…

What Else?

Roaming Millennial seems to believe, that a MAP is doing something abhorrent, by not trotting themselves right straight to a therapist, or other form of social handler, and submitting to a lifetime of monitoring…testing…surveillance…”medical” bills…dangerous drugging?…and other assorted hardships and imposed handicaps…

…Further, she imagines we are not entitled to the thoughts and fantasies in our own heads?…and this is especially odious to her, apparently.

This girl is an inhumane tyrant, if she believes such a thing even can be, or should be, imposed.

She speaks of all these things…as if she possessed the authoritative standing, to make such proclamations…including all the hogwash, about “joining the LGBT”…

So…Why do we never allow people like Roaming Millennial to represent us?

…In a nutshell…it is because people like her will be spreading absurd [or malicious] stories about us, just like she is doing here…based on absolutely nothing more than rumor, and their own off the charts paranoia.

People like this lack either the internal capacity, or the ethical integrity [or both], to be able to discuss MAPs, and MAP issues, in a humane, respectful and honest manner.

They are incapable of saying anything authoritative, having any bearing on us MAPs…What they offer, is null and void on arrival.

The earth shattering irony, which is almost guaranteed to be lost on people like Roaming Millennial…is that it is the arrogant, demeaning, dehumanizing, dishonest behavior on display in this video…and being subjected to this sort of thing all of a MAPs life [decades for many of us]…which has prompted us MAPs to no longer tolerate being bashed and intimidated into silence…while people like her, hijack our identities…our minds…our voices…our very existence, as human beings…

Our lives belong to us…as do our voices, and our identities…

We MAPs, are amongst the strongest…most sacrificing, giving and suffering of humans, to ever live…

…Shame on all, who would dare sully our character.


4 thoughts on “Roaming Millennial…

  1. Nada

    Nickerson have accused pedophiles in general of molesting children and gone to great lengths to misrepresent pedophiles and pedophile boards in more mainstream media. How does the promotion of such malicious myths compare to jokes, exposing the hypocrisy of indentity politics, or ill-informed ignorant individuals making videos on Youtube?

    If you still believe Nickerson is a pedophile – rather than an anti-pedophile, should his representation of pedophiles not be held to higher standard than that of outsiders?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I think some [possibly all] of that is fair to say…but the focus of this post is in how wrong Roaming Millennial got things.

      If you want to have a dialogue about Todd, it’s diverging off the topic…but you’re welcome to pursue it, if you like.

      Believe me…Todd’s claims that the boards have a “cult like atmosphere”, are something I take deep issue with…As a rule, this has not been my experience, at all…

      At worst…I’ve encountered a few people who’ve been extremely aggressive…and frankly, I’ve been left with the impression that they probably need to be institutionalized…

      …But, as a rule…the boards have been a wonderful open forum, on which to self explore and fellowship with other MAPs…

      Were there times when, looking back, I wish I hadn’t allowed myself to get so deeply involved?…in some areas, yes…I cringe a bit, reading some of my old BC writings…largely because of how aggressive I was behaving, myself…Though, to be fair…I had a solid rule…I would not tear into individual people…I would only tear into topics of discussion…

      The boards, however rowdy and uncivil they could get…they were a “blessing”, and a life changing, empowering force…I will never regret being part of the boards…It helped me find, who I am.

      I don’t know who Todd hung around…but the people in my inner circle, were regular, decent people. It’s an insult, to call them a cult.

      Todd is doing the VP thing…I don’t expect a whole lot of objectivity out of him, where it comes to certain issues…It is, what it is…and, we are free to dissect whatever media he puts out, or takes part in…

      I suspect…a lot of the reason Todd emphasizes the things he does…is because he is intent on cutting ties with his past.

      I live by a certain creed, that I will not get into fights with other MAPs…So, I’m really not interested in taking part in any hatchet job on Todd.

      I do agree, however…there is enough out there, to be held accountable for.

      Getting back to the original topic…just because we may take issue with some of Todd’s behaviors, doesn’t mean that it’s right for Roaming Millennial to misrepresent Todd.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      This blog automatically sends notice, when I’ve embedded someone’s media here.

      I don’t drop comments on YouTube, as I don’t want my YouTube accounts associated with this…I just don’t want to deal with the B.S.

      But they do get a notice of this…The only question, is if they are paying attention.

      I don’t usually get that direct with contacting people…some of them really go off the deep end, even when you’ve been nothing but nice and supportive to them.


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