Live Prayer Hour: Using Prayer Against the Satanic Holiday…


Date: July 27, 2018

01) Live Prayer Hour: Using Prayer Against the Satanic Holiday


“Join me and my brothers and sisters in prayer and discussion to fight the dark forces in high places using spiritual warfare. Today our mission is to armor up and destroy the outcome one of the most deadly and depraved ritual abuse holidays on the satanic calendar. The Grand Climax is a period between July 20th and July 27 where kidnappings, torture, sexual abuse and sacrifice are all used to gain power from the adversary and the demonic realm. This is also taking place during the Blood Moon, so we really need to band together and pray for children and victims that fall prey to those who seek to destroy God’s creation in the name of lust, power, money and fame.”

More character witness type stuff…It speaks for itself…

So much of this stuff is just parents murdering, sometimes also raping, their own children.

Of course…accidents also occur.

…No demon haunted world required.


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