Western Sharia Police…


Date: July 29, 2018

01) Western Sharia Police

“Police forces across the Western world protect Islam over the rights of Western citizens. This cannot continue, Muslims must learn to accept criticism of Islam.”

Not a fan of all the people featured…But, this issue is relevant, I think.

No religious people should be so defensive [or offensive], that only other people of their religion can safely approach them.

No religion is above critical commentary.


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4 thoughts on “Western Sharia Police…

  1. feinmann0

    It is sad to have to say this, but in hindsight it really was a good decision to have exiled myself (escaped) from the UK when I did all those years ago, and to have chosen to live in a country that proudly promotes its cultural heritage, resists mass immigration and maintains zero tolerance towards bullying islamic fundamentalists.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      The touch pads on computers have become increasingly complicated, with each passing generation…My first touch pad had a physical button right above it…You pressed it, and it shut off…It was beautiful. Since then, there has been this ever increasing grocery list of software you have to figure out and shut down…tedious, and questionable in safety for the machine…

      I think it was my last previous purchased machine, that made me finally give up.

      It is important to shut them off, because they are in a terrible place…I would normally be resting part of my palms there…but I cant, anymore…and it makes for a very awkward, uncomfortable and error prone [let alone, slower] typing experience. If I let myself touch this pad, aside from being abruptly thrown out of the text box, it’s hard to say what else is going to happen.

      I normally let the synthesizer read things back to me [as proof reading], but this time I did not…Late, tired, juggling several things…

      I’ll do a bit of searching on this, again…but the manufacturers need to start making an easy method to shut these pads down.

      In addition, I often don’t get good blood flow to my arms and hands when I sleep…This often leaves them numb, or aching…and even more prone to mistakes…

      Ultimately, the problem here, is that I didn’t have it proof read to me.


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