Age Of Consent in China – 12 and 24 Year Old Together?!…

Date: July 30, 2018

01) Age Of Consent in China – 12 and 24 Year Old Together?!

“Miki Akama and Zhang Muyi fell in love when she was just 12, and he was 24. Now they are getting married, 6 years later. The Chinese internet like Weibo is a buzz with serious debate on age of consent, and whether or not this is ok, with about half of the netizens saying that it is horrible, and should be illegal, with the other half championing their love. Today, we discuss this topic, and wonder what you guys think as well!”

Seems really sweet, to me.

Why crush something beautiful, in this world?

When people see others happy, and they want to kill it…it’s like…Jesus Christ…

…What in the hell is this world even good for, if the very expression of love cannot survive in it?

2 thoughts on “Age Of Consent in China – 12 and 24 Year Old Together?!…

  1. Yure

    Come on, guys, live and let live. Or rather, love and let love. No one is harmed, so why is it so horrible? Aren’t both happy?

  2. DJ TRASHporn !

    Good to hear about this in the East side of things. They always knock ‘depraved’ westerners. Ilove and sex between creatures is universal you morons!


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