Right-Wing SJWs Freakout Over She-Ra Reboot…


Date: August 08, 2018

01) Right-Wing SJWs Freakout Over She-Ra Reboot (with Sargon & The Quartering!)

“Hey shodomites! The outrage of the century is upon us: The She-Ra 2018 Reboot has no boobs! Creationist Cat joins Sargon of Akkad, The Quartering, some Rebel Media/Pizzagate girl & Cortez to make sense of what the dreaded SJWs have done to our beloved She-Ra!!!”

We don’t talk about She-Ra:

Heavenly Sinful Parodies is not a series intended for my own commentary…but, this is an interesting issue…and I’m feeling compelled to tap out a few words…

I had no idea She-Ra was being rebooted:

He-Man and She-Ra were not great, on some levels…but they were amazing in the niche they filled…There wasn’t anything else out there, quite like them. They were, essentially, Final Fantasy in cartoon, before Final Fantasy…just nowhere near as deep [by modern standards…they might hang well, with the early Final Fantasy games].

I almost universally remember watching this, at my aunt and uncle’s home, in the early/mid eighties.

Not only were our immediate families really close [relationship wise, and we only lived a few city blocks apart]…but after my parents divorced, mom and I took up visiting quite frequently after school…My older cousin always watched the after school cartoons…and He-Man always played during that time.

I can certainly look back at it critically, and recognize there’s a lot bad about it…But you know what?…I loved the show, as a boy…At that time, it didn’t need to be anything else, other than what it was.

I remember when She-Ra came about…

…Certain things make better sense, now…It may seem strange, that I wasn’t especially drawn to this show.

I remember this little guy…and being left with the impression, that he seemed like he belonged in a show, for very little children [the kind where they recite the ABC’s and 123’s, and talked about colors]…He seemed out of place, in my mind…

…He was kind of cute, though…I just never could bring myself to like this strange character, at the time.

I still watched a number of She-Ra episodes…If the show was on…that’s what was getting watched…I just thought it paled in comparison to He-Man.

Being a homosexual MAP…one might imagine that She-Ra would have resonated with me…

…gay culture never really much did, though…

…I find myself feeling comfortable in it…but I never personally identified with it, or felt like making myself assimilate to it.


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