“Hunters” Don’t Do So Well, Here: Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander [MAPs Need To Stand Up and Fight Back!]…


Date: August 09, 2018

I wrote something as a comment, for another post…which ties into the Mellisa fiasco…and, I decided to post it in this series…because it’s very relevant, to what happened…and explains a few things, deeper.

I’ve been victimized by multiple smear campaigns [including at least one, high profile one], at the hands of several different sociopaths, over my many years online…all for doing nothing more than being a BoyChat poster, and/or running a fully legal blog, where I am open about being a MAP.

I am exactly the wrong sort of person to attempt this sort of stunt with…because I am fed up with it…I understand the underhanded innerworkings of it…I understand the maliciousness an gross naivety of the people behind it…and I wont tolerate it, at all.

You try to grab onto me with your malicious intent…and you’re going to discover, that you’ve haplessly wandered into an angry force of nature…and I will chew you up, and spit you out…Don’t you ever doubt that…

I don’t suffer malicious idiots well, at all.

I do fight back.

I am…however…imminently fair and honest.

Original Post:



It’s food for thought…

…I mean…what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander…right?

Though, the people fighting back may very well get prosecuted for “malicious communication” [and how’s that, for draconian “1984”?]…it is heartening, to see victims of these “hunters” fighting back.

Many of [these “hunters”] never thought the tables even could be turned on them…But, it’s fully within our power, to find out who they are…start looking into them…and make things known about them.

Most of us wont spread false “pedophile” allegations about these people, because we are too principled to spread a [presumed] lie.

…But, some will fight fire with fire.

…I’ve seen the tactics these sorts use, to attempt entrapping people…It is absolutely believable, that they ensnare people innocent of the charges…Hell…they’ll exploit your good nature and play upon your pity/empathy, just to identify and destroy you…

You are always in danger of false accusations, from these sorts.

I speak as someone who has never been in the cliché chat room setting, “looking for victims”…Some of these a-holes merely stumble across what you are legally doing, online…and then they attempt to construct an entrapment to lure you into…or they just pull accusations straight out of their own behind, and start publishing them on their website.

I speak from personal experience, with this…I can testify, that both have happened to me, entirely without any illegal intent or activity on my part.

Various sociopaths will simply proceed to do this…despite that they have absolutely nothing to base it on.

To them…it’s all about running a successful smear campaign…which they know, is the only thing they are engaged in.

This case kind of reminds me of Mellisa Z…who has utterly surged forward, with making baseless, serious allegations towards various people [including myself, and this blog]…

…But the moment I started standing up and fighting back…out comes the sobbing and the protests…

…Allegedly, in the face of Mellisa using her legal name, recording her own face and voice as she names and viciously smears people [which endangers and interferes with those people]…it’s supposedly “doxing” [and doing something “unspeakable” to] her, to do a little bit of “counter googling” on her, for the purpose of informing visitors to this blog, what is really going on with that sociopathic, nincompoop.

It’s like…she never comprehended, that someone [like myself] was going to find out who is loudly making false accusations [and threats] against them.

…What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander…

…I can be a “google sleuth”, too…It’s brain dead easy…[which is one of the reasons why I scoff at it so hard, when so many people heap accolades of praise upon Melissa, as if she were amazingly talented, for doing what countless people have been doing online for decades]…

…But, Ms. Z didn’t have the common sense, to conceal her own identity…before she decided to take up the practice, of malicious online smearing…and just as serious…issuing threats against individual people, and waging campaigns of harassment.

If nothing else…I’ve got enough information to take legal action, if ever necessary.

…And my public blogging about the whole nasty incident, was part of that documentation…I wanted it out in the public [from the start], so it would be public record [from beginning to conclusion]…Nobody could accuse me of making anything up, long after the fact.

People like Josh and Mellisa [and they’re hardly the first, or only] are so ill prepared and clueless…that they end up shocked, when their malicious acts to harm and destroy other people, start creeping back onto them, with unforeseen [yet, fully justified] consequences…

They live in this fantasy world, where they imagine that their victim “is a pedophile”, absolves them of all wrong doing…

…That does absolutely nothing to absolve them, when they have a history of making up and spreading malicious lies about [and making threats towards] individual people.


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