It’s Over: YouTube Bans Alex Jones…

Date: August 10, 2018

01) It’s Over: YouTube Bans Alex Jones

“–YouTube completely bans Alex Jones’ Infowars channel after Spotify, Facebook, and iTunes started taking more aggressive action in removing his content


Thanks, David!

I think you’ve given the best summary, thus far…and I can agree with your suggestion…

…If it’s legal, then just leave it alone. That would be an excellent standard, for YouTube to function by.

2 thoughts on “It’s Over: YouTube Bans Alex Jones…

  1. Explorer

    For me, the censorship of Alex Jones IS a free speech issue – not in a formal legal sense, but in an informal moral (as well as social and political) sense. This issue can be summarised as such: do we understand that a tiny bunch of state-corporate power elite types, in insistence that their narrative always equals both objective truth and absolute goodness, and any deviation from it is both fake and evil, can decide who have the right to talk their mind and who do not? And, if we understand it, do we want to leave in a world ruled by such people?

    I want to make it clear: I despise Alex Jones, and I disagree with a lot of what he claims. Yet, I will stand for his free speech – both out of my principal anti-censorship position and because I understand too well that the Libertarian Left part of the anti-establishment circles – the part to which I belong – will be gagged by the elites as eagerly as the Authoritarian Right where Jones dwells.

    Jones is bad, both on intellectual and moral grounds… Yet the state-corporate elites are much worse than him, and we should understand it. So, my position is similar to the one once brilliantly expressed by H. L. Mencken:

    “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

    P. S. And it is not only scoundrels like Jones, really, but also the people who are misguidedly hated by many, including the ones in power. Say, people who are sexually attracted to minors… In any case of the censorship intensification, they are the most likely targets for gagging. Even following laws and rules may not help them at all – if you are hated both by the ones in power and by the large part of the population, there is no one to come to your defense.

    P. P. S. This article summarise quite neatly what I think about the censorship of Jones:

    View at

  2. Kindly

    “If it’s legal” is a terrible standard, particularly when it comes to sexual minorities. As we’ve witnessed, simple support resources can be declared illegal, even in countries who claim to have strong free speech protections.

    YouTube’s problem is that it is a platform, and platforms have to physically exist at some central place, being run by some central authority who can be made a tool of the mob. As Thunderf00t noted (on a different topic, critical of claims of censorship of conservatives) YouTube is increasingly becoming a place for big media, rather than small channels, and the “You” in its name.

    Any centralized system necessarily becomes a proxy for the voice of the strong, whether that is government, corporations, global capital, religion, the university industry, and the in-groups. That’s why we see such systems enforcing different censorship in whatever countries they operate in.

    The solution is a new internet, which returns to the original late 20th-century purpose of allowing each of us to communicate with each of us, as we wish, against opposition as strong as a nuclear attack.

    People just can’t stand the idea that other people have different opinions, or have different emotions. People can’t stand the idea that individuals have to be held responsible for their own real actions, not someone else’s words. For these reasons, people cannot be in charge.


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