Pedophilia Is Not Psychopathy…


Date: August 12, 2018

01) Stefan Verstappen – Defeating the Psychopaths with The Way of the Warrior

“S y n o p s i s

Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths intent on destroying our minds, our spirits, and our lives. The goal of this war is to cull the herd and transform the survivors into obedient, soulless slaves. This is always the goal of psychopaths – total domination over fawning, fearful, fools. We need to mount a vigorous defense, but there is a fundamental obstacle to doing so. For years, behavioral programming by our schools and media have sought to dis empower us, make us apathetic, dependent on the state, and afraid. Before any significant positive change can be made, we need to first rally the troops and empower the people so that they can stand up and make a change. The only way to do this is to reawaken the warrior spirit within. Do you have the strength of character to step out your door and change your world? Could one meeting with a stranger change the course of your life forever? We must push ourselves to train each day. Never show weakness. Never show fear. Be larger than life and live to gain as much experience as everyday can bring.”


noun, plural psy·chop·a·thies. Psychiatry.

1. a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

2. any mental disease.

Even by the standards of the last two DSMs, pedophilia is not a class of psychopathy…nor is it a mental disorder [in itself]…This has been the case for decades.

One of the issues here…is that we don’t even know how many people are pedophiles [aka, primarily, or solely, attracted to people twelve years old and younger]…Rough estimates put our numbers at a few million, worldwide…and that’s probably a conservative guess.

Clearly, we are not all out raping little children…especially not at the rates [“hundreds of victims possible, for each”] some people claim…Nobody would be able to hide those kinds of numbers, nor their effects…There’d be scarcely a child on this planet, left un-raped.

Admittedly…the alleged “numbers of victims” are propaganda…they are grossly inflated, and based off of rare and uncommon, isolated cases…This distorts people’s perception of pedophiles.

The thing we need to keep in mind…is that many pedophiles do not even have sexual encounters with children…Many do not partake in “child porn”…nor “child erotica”…

…Some of us are celibate…

…We engage our sexuality, only in ways which cannot [by any sane, or honest definition], harm anyone at all…such as masturbation, while we are, obviously, imagining the things which sexually arouse us…

Sometimes…there may be entirely legal, non-sexual pictures used…or maybe even an erotic story, in written text…

There is no real person being sexually engaged with…And, these methods have been recognized throughout history, as being an ethical way of dealing with this orientation.

I want to know how it is…that foregoing something so fundamental as ones own sexuality, for a lifetime…allegedly equates to “a lack of empathy”…

…This is an extreme sacrifice, after all…It’s something enormous you have given up, even if you might believe that your social circumstances are unjustified [and I’d argue, especially if you believe that]…This is at the forefront of what it means, to have and exhibit social and personal empathy.

To many people equate pedophilia, with “lack of impulse control”…or “a lack of ability to stop oneself, from forcing small children into sex”…

…That is not what pedophilia is.


2 thoughts on “Pedophilia Is Not Psychopathy…

  1. feinmann0

    ‘I want to know how it is…that foregoing something so fundamental as ones own sexuality, for a lifetime…allegedly equates to “a lack of empathy”…’

    Society easily forgets inhumanities committed on minority groups in the past so there is nothing to stop inhumanities being committed on minority groups now and into the future. Every persecuted minority group historically has suffered appallingly because the law has condoned their persecution. In Nazi Germany, Jews were labelled untermensch and as a result had their humanity steadily stripped from them in a coordinated program of genocide. In the West, people of colour had their humanity stripped away from them via the slave trade. In the West, homophiles were forced to undergo chemical castration to cure them of their invalid sexuality. In the West, paedophiles are thought of as psychopathic untermensch and thus denied the right to live as equals within society no matter what they do.

    Where no law exists to prevent demonisation of a group, then society is free to treat that group inhumanely.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Where no law exists to prevent demonisation of a group, then society is free to treat that group inhumanely.”

      …Such a bleak truth on the human animal.


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