Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper…


Date: August 24, 2018

01) Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper

“BREAKING: Harvard fired me immediately following the release of my show. To read about Harvard’s malfeasance (and hypocrisy) and to help with litigation, please see my GoFundMe here:

My show ‘Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story’ premiered at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre on May 1, 2018. Two days later, the student paper, The Crimson, published an article calling my performance a “Naked, Anti-Semitic Rant.” Harvard suspended my employment pending an “investigation” (or more appropriately an inquisition) which lasted over two months. After Harvard’s regrettably illicit and illegal behavior during their “investigation”, they terminated me on pretextual grounds to avoid appearing as censors. I now find myself in a legal battle with a $38B entity whose ostensible purpose is the pursuit of “Veritas,” unfortunately it seems like they are more concerned about their donation stream.

If you’d like to support my work, stay apprised of further developments, or help with impending litigation and its inevitable legal and other fees, please subscribe to my email list at, and I will email you frequent updates.

I hope you can find the two hours to follow me down the rabbit hole.

— Clopper


Moonlight Waltz by Brian Crain:

The Real Reason You’re Circumcised:

American Circumcision Teaser Trailer:

Britney’s Toxic:

And let’s not forget to thank my bitches at the AAP:
Ellen Beurk
Susan Blank
Michael Brady
Waldemar Carlo
Douglas Diekema
Lynne Maxwell
Steven Wegner

And most of all, thank you to my little piggy, Andy Freedman. Squeal for me Andy; squeal for me like the little piggy you are.

Dedicated to Britney…”


M.A. Net

5 thoughts on “Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story by Eric Clopper…

  1. feinmann0

    Powerful and courageous.

    “The American Academy of Pediatrics is dedicated to the health of all children.” (

    “The American Psychological Association educates the public about mental health.” (

    See what I did there?

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      I feel sorry for the guy…getting fired like that.

      It is an amazing show…

      …I think I’m a tad bit late with this one…but not badly so…It’s totally relevant and needed.

      1. feinmann0

        “…It’s totally relevant and needed.”

        Absolutely! We need powerful voices to overturn the status quo. My apologies for long rant that follows:

        Destructive paradigm 1: It is in the selfish interest of religious tribes to suppress sexual pleasure and sexual freedom whichever way they can to maintain the lie and thus tribal power. Tackling this taboo? 120 million angry circumcised US men suing the pants off the violators that mutilated their genitals and thus reduced their quality of life, may be one way to fully expose the lie for what it truly is. Intergenerational sex and its censure, is firmly embedded in this lie too.

        Destructive paradigm 2: Charles Murray (The Bell Curve) and Nicholas Wade (A Troublesome Inheritance), both touched incendiary nerves when daring to discuss IQ and race, and suggesting race is a biological reality not a social construct, respectively. The social sciences and far left try extremely hard to extinguish all debate on this topic. As the genome becomes better understood, so the truth will be revealed.

        Destructive paradigm 3: Life on this planet continues to be choked to death by the petrochemical industry, and yet scientific research into free energy continues to be suppressed, notably pulling energy from a vacuum (, and cold fusion ( The buck stops with the Patent Office.

        Destructive paradigm 4: The refusal of any government to acknowledge the significance of repeated invasion of airspace around nuclear missile launch sites around the world, by unknown craft exhibiting ‘impossible’ flight abilities, nor the simultaneous ‘shutting down’ of missile’s in their silos. The message is clear, but the industrial military complex does not wish to hear.

        Destructive paradigm 5: The West’s refusal to consider the significance of the work of the late Dr Roger Leir (, who surgically removed 16 tiny objects from 15 patients who claim to have been abducted. The implants were composed of rare metals that emitted up to 10 milligauss magnetic flux (a huge amount for such a small object), and were surrounded by an exotic biological cocoon. NO adverse inflammatory effects were noted in these patients. Normally, the body’s rejection of implants means patients have to take medication for life, and are otherwise debilitated.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        No apology needed.

        Destructive paradigm 3:

        If they cared at all about what’s best for the human, individually and collectively…our lives would look so much different, from how they presently do.

        Present culture is built around a model, of pushing/forcing people to collect and maintain as much stuff as possible…all purchased…with money or debt…

        This is overwhelmingly compulsory…and it makes you little more than a stream of income, for someone with more wealth.

        It is hard to be a minimalist, in this type of culture.

        Even I own tons of items, I’ve collected over a lifetime…And I’m forced to own an maintain things [IE: a vehicle], which I’d really rather not have to own…It’s a necessity…but it’s also a huge burden.

        There’s plenty of things I don’t want to get rid of, though…They’d be really hard to replace.

        One of the reasons I’ve shared information on tiny houses, eco-domes, solar energy and the like…is because, theoretically, it gives “the poor” an option to live with some level of comfort, while avoiding crippling debt and other burdens.

        But there’s reasons why this type of living is not widely promoted…

        …That lifestyle is not conducive to endless purchasing of “stuff”.

        It’s terrible for the establishment…if they can simply sell you something once, and it fills your need to the point where you don’t have to come back to them for more.

        Alien Visits/Abduction?

        I take no concrete position on this…

        …It doesn’t help, that it’s largely championed by the conspiracy theorist crowd…

        …In fact, it taints it really badly, if you ask me…

        …But, I can intellectually accept the possibility…It’s just hard to separate the kooks, from the sound minded and rational.

        There’s way to much religion grade speculation, surrounding this type of issue.

  2. feinmann0

    “It’s just hard to separate the kooks, from the sound minded and rational.”

    Depends how hard you want to work at it. You work pretty hard to separate the kooks, from the sound minded and rational re facts and debate on MAP issues.

    Citizen’s Hearing 2013 would be a great place to start. The implications from the large range of testimony given at that event, dwarf every other issue of global concern before then or since.


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