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Squalid prisons are just the start. The entire justice system is in meltdown…

Date: August 26, 2018

01) Squalid prisons are just the start. The entire justice system is in meltdown

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“Blood, vomit, cockroaches, rats, the air thick with the drug spice, staff hiding, in fear of violent prisoners: here was a scene of hell and squalor that should knock the ‘prison works’ nonsense out of the most ardent lock-’em-up MP. One shock inspection report after another has thudded on to ministers’ desks, many among the 102 state-run as well the 14 privately run jails, revealing a prison estate in crisis.

Under all previous governments, journalists could regularly visit any prison with due notice – and prison governors would speak out about problems. Now they are frightened into silence. I was allowed to film a whole Panorama programme in the most disturbed and violent part of Holloway prison, known as the ‘muppet wing’, in the Tory 1980s, when authorities were still open about prison problems. No longer.”

BBC World Service: The Benefits of Nakedness…

Date: August 26, 2018

01) The Benefits of Nakedness

“Some people just love to be naked in public. Dr. Keon West travels far and wide to speak to those who enjoy taking their clothes off to find out why they do it, and what the benefits – and disadvantages – might be.

Dr. West is a social psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, and has done some research into naturist groups in the UK. His work showed that those of us who are naked in public are more likely to be happier not just with our bodies, but also with our lives more generally. Dr. West is also someone who has come to love being naked and he bears all with different naked groups in the UK, Germany, Senegal and India. He experiences nakedness on two wheels, at the World Naked Bike Ride in Brighton, England, enjoys the sun and sea at a secluded beach in Bengal, India, and plays cards with a naturist group in Berlin, Germany.

He is accompanied on his travels by his producer, Philippa Geering, who has a more prominent place in the programme than she anticipated. As someone who has never before practiced public nudity, it is a steep learning curve for her. She finds herself naked indoors and out, in city centres and off the beaten track, and on three different continents as she accompanies Dr. West on his journey. Will she be convinced of the benefits of nakedness?

Photo: Naked cyclists ride through Madrid, Spain, during the Naked Bike Ride 2018 Credit: Marcos del Mazo/LightRocket”

Yes…there is a picture…and you will see lots of naked butts, if you follow this link…But fear not!…Seeing naked butts, will not kill you.

Do take note of the portion, where one guy calls it a strange idea, that children would be harmed by seeing an adult naked [a western culture superstition].

…It’s almost shocking, to witness a bit of sanity on this issue.